GTA 5 – How to Avoid Merryweather Chopper Mission for Cayo Perico Weapon Prep

Hate following the Merryweather chopper to grab the unmarked weapons for Cayo Perico prep?

Ya. Screw that mission. It’s like three missions in one. Instead let’s just do the mission where you go to the office building and steal the weapons.

Weapon Loadout

After I got Bearer Bonds twice in a row and chose conspirator weapons, I realized that the primary target you steal is connected to the weapon prep mission and which weapons you choose. At least I think so.

I don’t know if it will work for others but please try and let me know if this works for you. You have to pick a specific weapon loadout if you want to not get the chopper mission. I’ve tested these on all the primary loot except for the panther. (have yet to get it)

  • Tequila – Marksman Loadout
  • Ruby Necklace – Crackshot Loadout
  • Bearer Bonds – Conspirator Loadout
  • Pink Diamond – Crackshot Loadout

I believe the primary target also affects the other mission locations as well like the fingerprint scanner but those locations aren’t a big deal. There may be other loadouts that also send you to the office building instead of the chopper mission. If so please list them!

Also I’ve tested these on and off of Hard mode so it won’t matter what difficulty you are on. If you don’t want to use those specific weapons then you’re on your own sorry.

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  1. In my experience it’s RNG. After first run I have gotten ruby, tequila x3, necklace and bonds. I always use Conspirator

  2. I always use conspirator and have gotten MW like 3 times in a row,then dont see it for 3 runs of CP.

  3. All but the pink diamond worked, when i used the marksman load out for the diamond i got the office prep.

  4. Just tried Crackshot when on the ruby necklace and got Merryweather. 🙁
    tried resetting and going conspirator and got the same.

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