Rust – Actual AK Guide

This guide will teach you the fundamentals of the Assault Rifle in Rust, with step-by-step pictures for each part of the spray.


Low sensitivity is ideal for any recoil in the game, cause it removes most of the micro-moves that come with high sensitivity there are many pros to low sensitivity, but also cons, such as it is incredibly harder to play close range and track that is why you should find a median that works good for you.

I recommend using a sensitivity bind.

  • bind mouse1 “+attack2;+input.sensitivity .25;input.sensitivity .137;”

Personally i play on this sensitivity .25 free look and .137 for aiming .25 but experiment with what works best for you.

0 – 5 Bullets

The first 5 bullets are certainty a challenge to face, but with the right mindset and enough practice, you will learn them.

We are going to start with learning the first bullet which is down to the left, which is simple but is crucial in the first 3 The best way to practice this is by tapping the head of a AI and controlling it and without reaiming tap again and hitting another headshot.

The second bullet is exact same as the first bullet, same exact motion so practice shooting two bullets at a close range target practice this until you feel confident with your first two.

The third bullet is the most trickiest to learn and can be quite challenging to learn even though its simplicity, the third bullet is a straight-down motion practice, shooting 3 bullets at a close-range target this will take quite some time to get it down, but the third bullet is extremely important in your spray.

The next two come at you pretty quick after controlling the third bullet, the next two are pretty much the same as the first two practice bursting 5 bullets at a close-range target, starting to see a pattern here? Practice makes perfect.

5 – 13 Bullets

The next part of the spray is pretty simple but can still be challenging for beginners

When transferring from the first 5, you wanna make a counter clock-wise half circle, then pull down to the right it can be a little hard at first, but you don’t wanna jerk it into the motion of pulling down to the right you wanna smooth it out.

The rest of the spray, like i said above, is pulling down to the right you need to practice smoothly pulling down to the right by spraying a good tip is practice the recoil pattern for about 10 – 30 minutes daily for a HUGE improvement.

13 – 24 bullets

The spray of the 13 – 24 bullets are pull down to the left in order to transfer from pulling down to the right you need to do a clock-wise half circle and be sure not to jerk the spray while doing it practice making this motion very smooth.

After that the rest of the shots are quite simple just pulling down to the left practice consistency and speed of the shots.

24 – 30 Bullets

The last bullets are down to the right again so once again you need to practice doing a counter clock-wise half circle in order to transfer from pulling down to the left to the right

The rest of the bullets are pulling down to the right so just practice smoothing it out and speed of how fast you pull down to the right.

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