GTA 5 – Unlimited Money Los Santos Customs Glitch Guide (GTA Online)

In this Guide I’ll show you how to easily perform this Los Santos Customs glitch. With this you can easily get a 9 digit figure in your GTA Bank.

Unlimited Money Guide

Step 1

Get a car. Any car, randomly from the pedestrians or a parked car, steal it and go to any LSC on the map.

Step 2

There’s no such thing as a LSC glitch (as far as I know) except cheats and shiz like that. Gdamn Rockstar, fix your f-n game already.

I’ll list a few things that personally piss me off playing my favourite game, every single day. It’s all about Online:

1. Modders, in Online. Ban them already. Make that damn anti cheat better. 4/5 sessions I join has a low life clown with mods that has to grief and sh*t on others’ fun in free-mode. Godmode, blame killing, teleporting us in one place, setting us on fire, freezing us, crashing our clients, kicking us out, chatting with someone else’s name. Make a separate type of session where only people with a lot of reports will be able to join, there will be less chances of a modder getting into a legit players’ session that way.

2. Chat filter, “Profanity checking” when messaging someone. The game is rated 17+, has sexual jokes, references, actions, has a ton of swearing, cussing, offensive jokes, stealing, heists, crimes, murders, violence, weaponry, explosions, stealing, mild gore, you can even kill animals and pets in story mode, but we have a chat filter?

3. Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. Mosquitoes everywhere. At this point it should be called Grand Bug Auto, or more so Giant Bug Sh*t instead of Grand Theft Auto. Infinite loadings, heist preps freezing, limitless soft locking everywhere, crashes, shots not registering when hitting laggy players, thermal vision helmets in vehicles/jets, godmode vans, spamming the hell out of explosives with the fast switch method, infinitely spamming a weapon that is literally impossible to defend from as a legit player, getting hit by it (Orbital Cannon, one of the most useless possible additions) etc etc etc. Terrible, some bugs are simply inexcusable coming from a multi billion company that has generated half a billion $USD every single year since 2013 with only one game.

4. Careless updates.

Let’s look at this objectively, giving a few examples. A 60’s Lamborghini (Toreador) that can become a submarine with an infinite amount of oxygen inside, has an insane boost, missiles, machine guns, basically an overpowered normal sized classic supercar can take 6 missiles when a passenger or driver is inside.

A powerful (or at least should be) huge military anti aircraft (Chernobog) that is 10 times the size of a Tor and 2 times the size of a Bus in game will explode from one missile. One missile.

A relatively cheap “motorbike”, known as the griever’s heavenly vehicle, oppressor MK2 can fly infinitely, can hover, has instant acceleration, can keep up with most of the jets by holding Space and CTRL on PC which also gives it a boost and makes its X boost useless, holds 20 missiles that hit targets almost perfectly. It can be also instantly spawned using the MC.

Nothing wrong here.

5. Did I mention bugs?

6. NPCs’ absolutely braindead and obnoxious AI. Driving down the road in your Bati bike, or your Sultan RS, or your JDM weeb-liveried car, blasting Los Santos radio channel. NPCs will now all intentionally crash into you or block your way for no reason whatsoever.

7. As I haven’t mentioned bugs before, here I come.

8. Buff. The. Overpriced. Useless. Vehicles. That. Nobody. Uses. Or. Buys. Nerf. The. Stupid. Overpowered. MK2.

The vehicles I was talking about:

  • The Toreador
  • The Chernobog
  • The (Deppressor) Oppressor MK2
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