Phasmophobia – Starters Tips

How to Start

Stick to the basics, and learn the smaller details as you go. Trying to learn every little nuance all at once will be overwhelming.

Every ghost has three evidence types. You will always get three, unless you are playing on some special high difficulty that has less. But you should not do that until you know the game better.

Once you get all three, you will know exactly what ghost it is.

There is one exception to this, and that is the mimic. The mimic always shows ghost orbs as a fake evidence, but it does have three actual evidence that are not ghost orbs.

Mimic is orbs, spirit box, freezing temps, and UV. So if you see orbs and two of those, always check for the third just to be sure you didn’t get a mimic.

Keep the lights on at all times. (Unless doing spirit box, or checking for orbs). Do not stand in the dark. This will stop your sanity from draining, and give you more time to get your three evidences before you get hunted.

Beware ghost events. If the ghost has done a lot of events, go to the van and check your sanity, it might be low. If it is, take appropriate precautions.

Always know your hidey spot. Once you find the ghost room, immediately search for where you will hide if the ghost hunts. Somewhere NOT in the room. And also NOT close to the room. Gotta make sure the ghost can not see you before you get into your spot.

Learn the difference between an event and a hunt.


  • Doors can close.
  • Lights can turn off (or turn red).
  • Ghost can move immediately.
  • You can turn on/off the lights
  • Ghost makes a random noise. (Can never be the hunt noise)


  • Doors do NOT close (Only front door closes and locks).
  • Lights do NOT turn off.
  • Ghost stands still for a few seconds, then moves.
  • Lights can not be turned on or off until hunt ends. (So your light, if on, stays on. But you can’t turn it off. If off, it stays off, and you can not turn it on. Until the hunt ends.)
  • Ghost makes the hunt noise.(Once chosen, will always be the same noise for the rest of that level).
  • Lights all turn off after the hunt ends.

The “hunt noise” is a randomly selected noise. Each ghost will pick one randomly from all the noises they can make. So it won’t be the same for every ghost.

But once you know what hunt noise that ghost picked, it will ALWAYS use that noise when it hunts.

Like earlier today, I had a giggly ghost. Every time it hunted it started making that giggling noise. So once I knew that it had picked that as the hunt noise, I knew to never be worried if it wasn’t giggling.

The ghost we had after that was a crying ghost. It picked the crying sound for hunts. So that one giggled on events, but would only cry when hunting. So I knew I was safe as long as it wasn’t crying.

You won’t know the hunt noise until it hunts once.

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