Phasmophobia – Quick User Guide (How to Play)

A quick user guide that will help you get into the swing of things when playing Phasmophobia.

Guide to Playing The Game

Getting Started

Welcome to Phasmophobia

Here we’ll get started on exactly how to play. Pretty simple. So first off you likely wanna grab a buddy to join you on your ventures. Grab your gear and head into the house. Don’t forget to grab the key.

Once you’re geared up, open the truck door using the keypad head to the front door, unlock it and head inside.

Inside The Beast

Now that your inside take a look around. See If you can find anything, familiarise yourself with the environment. Maybe turn on a couple of lights. Pretty simple.

Wait This Isnt

This is the part where the door slams behind you and the lights shut off, proceeded by you freaking out and finding the nearest place to hide like a redacted.


Now that you’re inside your safespace You will are likely to hear your friend screaming and running away from the ghost.

At which point it will likely grow silent and you can proceed to frantically call our your friends name. Apon not recieving and answer, you can exit your safespace and begin looking for your friend.

Is That

Now that you’ve found your friend you can do a 180 and book it towards the front door. This step shouldn’t take much practice. The front door should now be unlocked.

What Does GTFO Mean?

Now that you’re outside you want to head into the truck. Once your inside you want to hit the keypad as fast as possible. You should now feel a little safer. The door will close.

Wrapping It Up… Who Actually Says

So anyways, you’ve just learnt how to play Phasmophobia. I really do hope this guide helped you as a new player as new players might be scared off. Show some love by sharing with your friends. This guide can help them out too.

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