Phasmophobia – All Spoon Locations

Here you can find all spoon locations.

Locations of Spoons

Tanglewood house

First spoon is in the dining room.

Second spoon is in the kitchen.

Last spoon is also in the kitchen by the microwave.


There isnt any spoons in this house.

How the **** do they eat soup.

Ridgeview house

First and only spoon is in the kitchen by the microwave.


There isnt a spoon in this map most maps dont have spoons.

Willow houses

Spoon is in the kitchen.


I ran around this map and i couldnt find any spoons.

Bleasedale farmhouse

No spoons.

Sunny meadows

No spoons dissapointing.

Big campsite

No spoons.

By the way i was looking for spoons on tanglewood and found the bunny like this and i didnt put it there.

Smaller campsite

Finally spoons.

The first spoon is at the enterance at the first table.

Last spoon is at the white tents.

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