Phasmophobia – VR Controls

A much needed help for VR controls in Phasmophobia, because the game doesn’t tell you much.


Phasmophobia is a VR horror game, which can also be played without VR.

The controls are pretty basic on the keyboard, but once you go into VR, you must find out what to do on your own.

This guide will present you the fundamentals of the VR controls in order to quickly fully play the game.


Movement: Left joystick, it moves you towards the direction your left hand is facing.

View Movement: Right joystick or Moving your head in real life.

Duck: Duck in real life.

Local Talk: Just talk, it’s enabled by default. (Be careful of what you say!)

Radio Talk: Hold your left hand up next to your head, and press the trigger. You must hear a radio sound when enabling / disabling it.

Journal: Put your left or right hand behind your right shoulder, press and hold the grip and pull in front of you.

Pick up Object: Grip

Drop Object: Grip

Primary Use: Trigger

Controller Buttons

A help finding the referenced buttons: Example of the Occulus Rift S controllers.

I recommend searching for your controller’s buttons if you don’t own a Rift S.

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  1. I just bought an oculus quest 2 but whenever I play phasmophobia I have to control my view with the joysticks, I can turn my head and look around but to actually be able to move in a cerrtain direction i have to change my view with the thumbsticks, any help would be amazing

  2. What if I dont own a duck? Is it mandatory to be able to play the game?

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