Jagged Alliance 3 – All Mercs Ranked Based on Their Starting Skill Points

This guide ranks all mercs based on their starting skill points. It shows the best merc for every skill and how they perform comperd to the other mercs.

Mercs Ranking List



This chart shows all starting skill points of every merc.

  • Magenta (pink): highest number of all mercs.
  • Green: high above average.
  • Blue: slightly above average.
  • Orange: slightly below average.
  • Red: high below average.
  • Yellow: lowest number of all mercs.

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  • Health: Best merc: Steroid (100 points). Worst merc: Kaylena (62 points).
  • Agility: Best merc: Mouse and Magic (99 points). Worst merc: Steroid (56 points).
  • Dexterity: Best merc: Fox (100 points). Worst merc: Hitman (40 points).
  • Strength: Best merc: Steroid (97 points). Worst merc: Kaylena (42 points).
  • Wisdom: Best merc: Livewire, MD and Gus (94 points). Worst merc: Kaylena (48 points).
  • Leadership: Best merc: Raider (91 points). Worst merc: Fidel and Tex (1 point).
  • Marksmanship: Best merc: Scope: (99 points). Worst merc: Dr. Q (60 points).
  • Mechanical: Best merc: Vicki (95 points). Worst merc: Sidney (0 points).
  • Explosives: Best merc: Red (100 points). Worst merc: Mouse and MD (0 points).
  • Medical: Best merc: Dr. Q (88 points). Worst merc: Reaper (2 points).

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