Jagged Alliance 3 – Where to Go after The Refugee Camp Incident?

Recommendations on Where to Go (Spoiler!!!)

The good news is that if you were to keep/defend any cities successfully during that attack, you basically beat the army. The squads they send afterwards in comparison are pretty weak and can be defeated by 8x Veteran militia.

Honestly, it’s just a very scary changing of the guard for the enemies where the game is trying to make you think that there will be more massive waves like this, but that’s about it. Throw thermal scopes on every gun you can and aim for the head.

If you have enough money to run for 4 weeks, you can just go for endgame objectives. Considering that you have no income, money is the only limiting factor.

How’s that you got mine depleted? I have 4 working and only one depleted and I am almost done with the game. Something like net 30K per day mine income.

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