Jagged Alliance 3 – Landsbach (Spoilers)

Siegfried vs Bounce

Note: Credit goes to sooshon

Not sure, but here’s what i did in this quest and what the consequences were (heavy spoilers for this whole quest):

I agreed to find the diesel for Siegfried when I talked to him, he told me about the Night Club so I went to investigate, I didn’t have a good merc for fighting in the ring and Steroid is already dead, so I decided to hire Dr. Q with his martial skill for 3 days to give it a go.

While I was waiting for him to arrive, I talked to Mole outside of the warehouse and he sold me a tip of where I could find the diesel for $5000, which lead to a few sectors west. Recovered the diesel but along the way things indicated Siegfried was doing something shady, so when I got back to him to return it, decided to kill him. At the same time Bounce and his crew decided to storm the mine area (with I think troops that would have been hostile to me, but they all got taken out by Siegfried’s guards).

That was helpful in fighting off Siegfried’s tough guards, the most dangerous part was at the beginning of the fight when a bunch of close-range specialist guards rushed upstairs and got off a few shotguns. Molotoving the staircase might be a good strategy so you can focus on picking off as many as possible that are rushing towards you through the windows and just hold out in the upper floor then after you take care of nearby guards you can move on to the machinegun and the rest of the area. bounce’s guards and siegfried’s guards should mostly cancel each other out.

After that got control of the mine, but unfortunately seems like night club isn’t available anymore after approaching the quest this way, so never got to try out Dr. Q in the nightclub…if you want to do that part of the quest (I guess it is an alternative way to find out where the diesel is besides paying Mole for the info) then do it before fighting Siegfried.

Oh also, if you do choose to chase down the diesel and fight the thieves:

You get a unique helmet that offers 50% damage reduction, heavy penetration protection, and NO cumbersome quality, which is pretty awesome for mercs you wanna keep free move on. It has the following bullet points for description:

  • Breaks VERY often
  • Mad to the Max

Not sure how easily it actually breaks as it hasn’t taken a hit yet and so far hasn’t lost durability, hope it’s as good as I think it is at protectiong my IMPs noggin. It definitely looks like it’s straight out of Mad Max as the description suggests.

Note: Doing the quest this way seems to give a an achivement that only 0.2% of players have, so I guess other choices are way more common?

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  1. Clue: Diesel seeems to be a a street drug (Info from Bounce B13)
    Clue: There is a fuel tanker that has tubes which lead away and disappear into the ground(B12)
    Clue: Theres something unnatural about siegfried guards(B12 had to recruit MD although my IMP had more medical than him, MD recognized it and i could talk to Siegfried about it)
    Clue: Siegfrieds Notes suggest he has been researchen human growth hormones(B12 Siegfrieds Table where he is sitting, Wisdom check)
    Clue: A folder named Hormone Levels lists some of the fighters in the club(B13 upper floor of the club, hack device)
    Clue: Siegfried wants Bonecrusher to join his fight of eliteguards(B13 Diary of Bonecrusher found as loot, no magnifying glass)
    Breaking into the small hut right of the mine entry in B12(gave me info for B13 that there is a radio)
    Use the radio acrosse the street of club on 2nd floor(B13, mechanical check)

    Now you have a 3rd option when talking to Siegfried about the hormone diesel and this will trigger the Bounce attack and the Acievement after winning the fight.

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