Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Save Slaves from Graaf

Tips for Saving Slaves

Note: Credit goes to Hymzir

I’ve done it twice. First time I didn’t manage to save any slaves. But then I made some bad financial decisions an ran out of money and had to back track a week or so. That meant I had to redo the fight. On the second time, knowing what was to come, I sneaked around and offed some guards here and there. I had two mercs go on the west side of the pit to tie up the guards attention so as to prevent them from going on their killing spree, and then stormed graaf’s overlook with the other 4. It was a brutal fight and I took a ton of damage, but managed to save 7 slaves. Though it took several attempts, and I had to restart the fight half a dozen time as I mulled out what strategy would work.

Grenades (or even better, Barry’s special bombs), couple of decent sniper rifles and some silenced guns go a long way along with solid armor. You also need some luck, since there are a ton of moving parts to the fight. Do note that the enemy soldiers AI seems to make them gravitate towards the bottom of the pit for some reason (at least they did for me), and can thus present some really nice targets for grenades.

But there is a lot of RNG, and if you are playing under “To the Bitter End” mode. it may be too much of a hassle to worry about. But it is doable, and judging by the story content at the mine, I assume it’s intended for latter half of the campaign, when you have pretty solid troops an can storm the place quickly enough..

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