The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Game

Do choices matter? Are there multiple endings?

Yes – there are many elements that affect the plot, but please your expectations in check: It’s a game about being isolated on an asteroid, after all. We prefer to not unveil much about it and have you discover it for yourself.

Will there be additional content / ports to other platforms?

We don’t have any current plans for the game beyond technical support.

Will there be additional language translations?

We don’t have any current plans.

We’d love to have our game translated into every language possible but localization is expensive and time-consuming and we need to narrow our options to keep this production feasible.

What if I translate it, would you add it to the game?

No, sorry but we can’t give support to unofficial unpaid translations.

Can I zoom on the backgrounds in the card editor?

Nope. Sorry.

About the Demo

Does the progress from the demo carry over to the full game?


I’m playing the demo but my mouse doesn’t align with the in-game cursor. Why?

This is fixed in the full release. The game works with a 16:9 aspect ratio, playing the demo on another aspect ratio causes this issue. Again, this issue doesn’t exist in the full game.

I found some bugs playing the demo. Are they fixed in the full game?

Highly likely. The game went through a lot of QA since the demo was released. Every known bug reported from the demo is already fixed.

I played the demo but my saves aren’t there.

The cause is that you had Steam Overlay deactivated from Steam settings. This bug is fixed in the final game.

If you are experiencing this issue and want to rescue your savedata, You can find your save in:

  • C:\Users[Your_User]\AppData\Local\Cosmic_Wheel_of_Fortuna__DEMO\saves\idfortuna\

Copy the files to the final game folder:

  • C:\Users[Your_User]\AppData\Local\Cosmic_Wheel_of_Fortuna\saves[Your_Steam_ID]\

Note: the folder of the full game may not exist if you haven’t started a game and saved your data at least once.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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