Vampire Survivors – Character Spotlight: Mortaccio

An overview of Mortaccio with some observations and tips to help play him.

The Stats

Come round, young ones. You all know of the brave men, women, and others that fight to keep us safe. You should give them thanks if you ever meet them.

But sometimes, things are too much even for them. One such soul, Mortaccio, gave everything for us to sleep safely at night. He fought long. He fought hard. But in the end, he fell when The Dark Lord’s mightiest Champion came forward after he had been exhausted after fighting off the Children of The Night.

The Champion left him to lay in the wilderness. To be forgotten.. But he didn’t stay down. As he had one more thing to say to the Dark Lord.

I’m not not done yet!

That said, Mortaccio is the resident undead of the VS crew. ‘What about Arca, Lama, and Porta?’ I hear you ask. given the source material VS is inspired by, the La Donnas are most likely dhampirs. so only MOSTLY undead. It’s pretty clear Mortaccio is all the way undead. and something like being undead is something he isn’t going to let slow him down. As Mortaccio levels, at every 20th level, he gains +1 to his Amount till he hits level 60. this is similar to Gennaro, but a bit better. You just have to be a little patient to reap all that Amount. As he’ll be tossing around five extra at 60, one to start, one from the power-up, and 3 more from hitting 20/40/60 and Mortaccio makes VERY good use of that Amount with….

The Weapon

Bone. for such a simple weapon, it’s literally just a spinning bone Mortaccio throws around, it packs so much punch you’d think it’s made of lead. Bone and the Cherry Bomb pretty much made the Bounce build possible, Bone more so then Cherry Bomb. Bone just keeps bouncing, off walls/enemies/screen edge, till its’ Duration ends. and as you level it up you get more of everything you want for a weapon. more damage, gets bigger, more Amount, lasts longer, gets faster. by the time you’ve leveled Bone to 8, it’s doing +60 Base Damage, +40% to Area, +100% to speed, +2 to Amount, and +0.6 to Duration. on top of that, since this is Mortaccio’s starting weapon, he just dumps even MORE Amount onto it. by the time you’ve leveled him to 60, Mortaccio has +8 Amount going that’s hitting like a Mac truck that just keeps bouncing till it’s Duration runs out. which can lead to dozens of hits if the Bones get caught in a tight group of enemies or close walls. watching a group of tanky enemies getting a Bone or two caught in their ranks is HI-larious as they get pummeled to death by a Bone going into turbo bounce mode.

Now, Bone can, technically, be Evolved. but it requires finding the Chaos Malachite relic on the Bat Country challenge stage. once you pick that up, Mortaccio will be the one evolving as he gains the Anima of Mortaccio at level 80. Mortaccio turns into a Elite enemy called Goshadokuro, which is found on Mt. Moonspell.

Anima of Mortaccio can be pretty fun, as Mortaccio is huge in comparison before he evolved, being about four times bigger, even if he’s missing everything from the waist down. the only real changes Mortaccio gets are a increased Pool Limit, +30, and the firing pattern changes. Mortaccio will fire off 5 Bones before his arms start to swing around then fly off trailing afterimages as well, acting as two big bones till their Duration ends and they return to him.

Now I’m not sure, but I THINK Mortaccio can hit enemies when his arms start to spin around. but don’t quote me on that

Why and Why Not (Pros and Cons)

Why Mortaccio?

If Gennaro brings versatility to a build with just 1 bonus Amount, Mortaccio does so in spades and spreads it out nicely as he’s leveled. any weapon with a set Amount benefits instantly in his bony hands. powerhouse weapons like Santa Water and Victory Sword become absolutely disgusting with the bonus Amount he adds to them. defensive weapons like King Bible become almost nigh impenetrable with how many are rotating around him. and don’t even get me started on handing him Endless Tome if you want to run a Machine Gun build with him

Why not Mortaccio?

For everything I said about how Bone is such a good weapon, it’s drawbacks are pretty substantial as well. Bone is pretty random in it’s bounces. this is one of the things that make it fun, but sometimes it’s not doing enough damage if you’re trying to take out a Elite or Boss enemy. and if there’s not a lot of enemies on the screen like when a run is started, Bones can go to waste without hitting anything, giving Mortaccio a weak starting game as he really shines when there’s a lot of enemies around him for Bone to work its’ magic. Bone also lacks any type of penetration, which makes it a little of a lackluster version of Runechaser even with all the bonus Amount Mortaccio is adding to it

How to Get

Kill 3000 skeletons in total to unlock Mortaccio. he can then be added for 500 gold before scaling. if you want or need some extra gold, use the old Konami code, up up down down left right left right escape enter, to unlock him and get 2800 gold as well

Tips and Builds


There’s one thing to remember with Mortaccio. he wants what YOU want. which is to unload on anything that moves that isn’t him/you. and he’s tailor made for that with Bone and his bonus Amount he gains as he levels. and the more Amount, the better. but Mortaccio could use a little something. what is it? defense. ah yes. and nothing goes better with Bone then a side order of King Bible, also being boosted by Mortaccio’s Amount to ridiculous levels. this particular weapon combo lets you take a breather pretty much for the rest of the time you finish your build of choice. he also made great use of Spellbinder, as Duration is one of Bone’s best friends. more time active means Bone has more time for bouncing goodness on top everything Bone gives you from leveling it up

Machine Gun build, Mortaccio style

  • Weapons: Axe, Celestial Dusting, Knife, Magic Wand, Rune Chaser
  • Passives: Armor, Attractorb, Bracer, Candlelabrador, Endless Tome, Spinach

Mortaccio’s version of the Machine Gun build brings nigh unlimited high rate of fire with bouncing, courtesy of Bone and Runechaser, heavy damage via Axe/Death Spiral as well as all directional attacking and back coverage with Celestial Dusting, as well as some self healing for anything that somehow gets close to Mortaccio.

Bare Essentials build

  • Weapons: King Bible, Laurel
  • Passives: Attractorb, Crown, Duplicator, Endless Tome, Spellbinder, Spinach
  • Arcanas: Begining, Twilight Requiem, Silent Old Sanctuary

A three weapon build, Bare Essentials hands Mortaccio King Bible and Laurel to him and sends him on his merry way. and he don’t ask for anything else as that’s all he needs. now if you wanted to, you can get the Metagilos to add in some more Area Of Effect by evolving Laurel, but it’s not needed as Bone and King Bible will keep most of the enemies at bay as Laurel has enough Cooldown to refresh its’ charges decently fast between enemies that manage to get past all the bones and bibles. and even Elites and Bosses can be focused down with King Bible/Unholy Vespers while Bone adds in random hits, abit a lot of them if there’s enemies around to rebound Bones into it. and the Arcanas just add further in giving you more: more Amount (Beginning), more Cooldown and Might (Silent Old Sanctuary), and Area Of Effect (Twilight Requiem).

In conclusion

Mortaccio is a very fun character to run. his high Amount he gets makes most builds in his hands a blast as he just lays down disgusting levels of firepower. even with his average stats, he can still competently run with the heavy hitters depending on what build you run for him. and unlike Overwatch 2 and Rachel Zegler, Mortaccio wouldn’t disappoint if you take the time to get good with him.

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