Vampire Survivors – Tips for Winning a Map and Trying to Beat Death

Tips for Winning

Hello everyone, I’ve a plan to reach Death and try to beat him!

I’ve succeed ones and two death appear?! (But no bonus and no chess behind).

The hack are to beggin at librairy with Poe (Garlic Man).

Because you start with the only powerfull weapon to be quite a while…

Next go left or right and look after a item bonus on the ground.

Kill a boss at this place and leave the chess behind(for when you fuse weapons together, but also to keep a mark where the stuff are.

After that, go to the oposite direction and find another item, repeat killing a boss.

Next, just go between this marker and evolve quickly.

The purpose of garlic man are to build only powerfull combined weapon.

At the end, you must have evolve the bird, sword, axes, bible and garlic.

finaly, find a corner to guide monsters around you and the object (that’s leave time to kill the ultime rush).

For me, I manage to stay and fight…and the game send me two of them.

I wish you best luck if you try and also hope, my english are not so bad.

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