Vampire Survivors – Ultimate Mortaccio Guide (Farming & Killing Machine)

This small guide is dedicated to those who are looking for effective ways to farm gold in VS.

Definitive Guide to Mortaccio

Why Mortaccio?

Mortaccio has huge advantages when it comes to weapons with direct missiles, as he can multiply their number and thus quickly increase his power level. Here are some hero pros:

  • Decent snowball effect. It is easy to start growing in strength as your weapons quickly get 2 additional missiles (1 Duplicate upgrade from the menu, – buy it first before the other upgrades).
  • Comfortable positioning. Extra missiles make all your weapons already tiered and thus makes it much easier to control creatures in stacks.
  • Main weapon. Bones has sinergy with all other evolution items and scales in power pretty fast.
  • Corridor effect. In the Inlaid Library, bones and some other projectiles bounce off bookshelves, drastically increasing their effectiveness.
  • Easy perk control. You will be able to get all the arsenal of weapons pretty fast and without fear of dying due to their low power level, since the number of missiles you shoot will be big enough to let you safely move around the level.

Now take a look at the screenshot:

On the screenshot you can see all evolved weapons and their parts in the red frame. Below the the frame you can see all the upgrades the hero has from the menu.

Also see the amount of enemies killed and earned gold. Note that this is an average number. So, if you have other options to make such numbers – this guide is not that good! If you are still interested, let’s continue.

Weapons and Location

  • Location: Inlaid Library (pros: two-way corridor, secret items).
  • Mode: Hyper (pros: gold and luck bonus).

Priority picks:

  • Magic Wand (+Empty Tome)
  • Runetracer
  • Duplicator
  • Cross (+Clover)
  • Fire Wand (+Spinach)
  • Axe (+Candelabra)
  • Gloves.

Before you start following the guide, make sure you have access to the items and mode.

Starting Strategy

  • First we need to pick up a green experience crystal in the upper left of the place where we spawn in order to momentarily increase our level.
  • Then we start to move in circles, forcing creeps to gather in a tight crowd that allows us to penetrate them in packs and gain experience faster.
  • Try to gradually move your character to the left and after some time you will make a secret proc: one Empty Tome will pop up:

You should repeat the procedure if you want to get another tome.


Here we want to get Magic Wand (as we have a tome already), Runetracer and Fire Wand as fast as possible because it becomes much easier to kill creeps and level up.

For Fire Wand we need to get Spinach. Hellfire (Fire Wand + Spinach) is one of the most destructive weapons, the power of which increases dramatically with the area bonus and the quantity bonus that our hero has. Don’t doubt about this one. In addition, Spinach will add a highly useful damage bonus to our weapons.

Find Cross and Clover. Cross level 1 (depending on your level) will instantly provide you with 2+ additional missiles. Try to upgrade Cross and Clover equally because we need more luck for gold chests.

Find Axe and try not to miss Candelabra. Death Spiral is also one of the most destructive weapons that has a powerful area of effect bonus. Start upgrading Candelabra along with Spinach and Empty Tome when you have at least one evolved weapon. Candelabra will make your Bones and other weapons that bounce off the walls really HUGE. Thus you will get deadly giant boomerangs closer to late game and, also, your fireballs will transform into devastating meteors.

Remember that Magic Wand, Runetracer and Fire Wand are high priority.

Try to find Duplicator. If you have at least 3 weapons, even if they are poorly upgraded, try to max out Duplicator because it will give you 6 additional missiles in this case. That will allow you to grow in power pretty fast.

Closer to 6 minutes and level 15 you should have 8 slots ready to go, like 6 weapons and 2 items:

Santa Water, sadge…

Farm experience crystals, don’t forget about Clover and try to break light sources to get some gold and, if you’re lucky enough, burning fire (to be more like Ghost Rider) or Vacuum magnet (to devour experience crystals).

Once you have 2 evolved weapons try to max out Clover and try to power it up along with Candelabra until you have Heaven Sword. Soon you will see many huge flying swords nicely slicing enemies all over the screen.

Wait, you still have Runtracer, don’t you? It is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons around and escpecially in this narrow location with Mortaccio’s hero ability. If you have mid-tiered Candelabra, Spinach and Empty Tome it’s time to pay more attention to Runetracer: its projectiles will soon become really huge, bouncy and extremely effective.

We have Bones that cannot be evolved and its support slot is busy with Duplicator. Runcetracer cannot be evolved also, so we need another cool item that should give us more fire power. The best choice here is Gloves that will provide us with attack speed (or Spellbinder if you have Santa Water, for example, as it also helps runes and bones last longer). Once you have 3 evolved weapons try to max out Runetracer with Clover, then go for Bones with Empty Tome, Candelabra, Spinach, Gloves (Duplicator should be fully upgraded to that time).

By the minute 20 you should be an unstoppable killing machine sowing death and soathing experience crystals wherever you go. Huge swords and deadly schythes with many bouncing missiles and ass-kicking Hellfire fireballs fly all over the screen killing bosses in a few seconds. Your Holy Wand and runic missiles penetrate and push away the enemies you face and no one can stop your death march. What a splendid picture! But we shouldn’t call it a day yet!

Does your clover have 4 leaves?

It’s time to remember that you are loaded with LUCK. You have 12 slots? You see more crystals than your enemies? It’s not 20 minutes yet and your luck perks are maxed out? Then start walking to the right to proc one more secret with Stone Mask. It will be waiting for you here:

Don’t forget that you need about 3 minutes of walking to get the mask, so try to create your own effective timing next time. Congratulations, your 13th slot is now equipped!

Try to move up and down, – from one wall of the corridor to another to get all the experience and in order not to miss light sources that can drop bags of gold. Try to max out Stone Mask before your get more chests that can happen every 2 minutes. If you only have the Duplicator perk in the main menu, then after that try to invest your money in Greed and Luck (after Duplicator, of course) in order to become richer and stronger in the short term.

Why Not King Bible?

Because its missiles do not scale in size – there’s only a thin line of damage source surving as a big defensive circle. In addition, its evolution item with spell duration is a bit worse than damage, attack speed and range bonuses. However, it’s an okay pick.

What Else?

I played all the characters and tried to make them really strong and effective using Vandalier (Bird+Bird) and other tricks. However, I realized that your power boost and early ‘acceleration’ in the game is one of the most important things. If it’s hard to start snowballing and pick up a good pace in a few minutes with a very effective weapon selection, the character isn’t very good for farming gold.

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