Vampire Survivors – Save Data Recovery

This guide will take you through how to restore your save data if it has been corrupted.

Method 1 – In Game Menu Save Data Recovery

  • 1) Open the game and select Options from the main menu.
  • 2) Select Data Recovery then click confirm.
  • 3) Select load last run then click confirm.

This should fix your save data. If this has not worked try Method 2.

Method 2 – Manually Move the Last Run Data File

  • 1) Close the game.
  • 2) Go to your start menu and type in “%APPDATA%” and hit return.
  • 3) Navigate to Vampire_Survivors_Data folder.
  • 4) Right click on SaveData.sav and rename to SaveDataBroken.sav.
  • 5) Go to the [game installation folder]\resources\app.webpack\renderer folder and copy the LastRunBackup.sav file.
  • 6) Return to the Vampire_Survivors_Data folder and paste.
  • 7) Rename the LastRunBackup.sav save data file to SaveData.sav.
  • 8) Re-launch the game!

If this hasn’t worked follow Method 3.

Method 3 – Manually Move Backup Save Data

  • 1) Follow steps 1-4 from Method 2
  • 2) Navigate to the backups folder and copy the most recent .BAK file
  • 3) Return to the Vampire_Survivors_Data folder and paste
  • 4) Rename the .BAK file to SaveData.sav.
  • 5) Re-launch the game!

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