Stardew Valley – Storage Explained

The Storage: How It Works

Ok, storage rule is this:

If you can get more of it, in the quantities you need, easily, later, sell it. Theres no point in saving everything. Yes yes sure timmy might offer you a quest for 2 day time limit for a 3x sale price value for a piece of corn.

But you could just take that corn throw it thru a preserve jar and sell pickled corn at any time.

Its not worth the hassle of storing it.

You store things you use to make other things like wood, hardwood, copper, coal, iron, gold, stone, fiber.

I tend to make a bunch of lighting spikes so like I need to store enough bat wings to make dunno 20 of them.

I also store things that … Like things to donate to the museum or sell to the adventurers guild go into a chest and I loot that when it gets kinda full and makes a trip. Since its not worth the bother to just go do. Also geodes.

Oh and I have a chest of stuff waiting to be processed before I get enough kegs to just process things.

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