Stardew Valley – Dyes Guide (Update 1.4)

Stardew Valley - Dyes Guide (Update 1.4)
Stardew Valley - Dyes Guide (Update 1.4)

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Note: Credit goes to Dargaryen

A handful of shirts as well as most pants can be dyed. There are two ways to dye clothes. The first is by using the dye pots located on the right wall in the same room as the sewing machine. The second way is to use the sewing machine itself.

Dye Pots

Interacting with the pots will bring up the dye interface. You must be wearing the items you want to dye. Next you will need to place one item in each of the pots matching the colors of each pot. An item that matches the color of a pot will have a small colored circle at the corner of the item. Once all items have been placed in the pots, the dye bottle will light up. Clicking this bottle will bring up the color bars menu (similar to when creating character for the first time) letting you choose the color you wish to dye the items to.

All the items in the pots will be consumed upon use!

Example of items that can be used for each pot:

  • RED: Apple, Salmonberry, Cranberries, Peach
  • ORANGE: Orange, Copper Ore, Copper Bar
  • YELLOW: Sap, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Gold Ore, Gold Bar
  • GREEN: Fiber, Green Algae, Seaweed
  • BLUE: Blueberry, Blackberry, Tuna
  • PURPLE: Pomegranate, Refined Quartz, Iridium Ore, Grape

Make sure to keep a lot of minerals in case you want to use them to dye clothes.

Sewing Machine

Dyeing using the sewing machine is a little trickier, but can save drastically on dye items. The item that you want to dye goes in the feed and the dye item goes in the spool. When you use the sewing machine, the original item’s color and the dye item’s color are combined. For example, if you originally had a white shirt, and the dye item was red, your shirt will now be pink. You can repeat this process until you get the shade you want. Using a Prismatic Shard as the dye item will open up the color bars menu similar to the dye pots

Here is a potential color progression adding the following dye items:

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