Stardew Valley – Community Center Bundles Sorted by Season

Stardew Valley - Community Center Bundles Sorted by Season
Stardew Valley - Community Center Bundles Sorted by Season

All of the things you need for the community center sorted by season, type if item (crop, foraging, ect), how many of each item, and what tier!


  • Crops: One Regular Parsnip, 5 Gold Parsnips, Green Bean, Cauliflower, Potato, Apricot, and Cherry.
  • Foraging: Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Morel, and Dandelion.
  • Fish: Eel (Rainy, 4PM-2AM, Ocean), Shad (Rainy, 9AM-2AM, River), Catfish (Rainy, Anytime, River or Secret Woods), Bullhead (Any, Mountain Lake), and Sunfish (Sunny, 6AM-7PM, River).
  • Artisan: Honey
  • Animal Products: Truffle

Remixed Bundles:

  • Crops: Ancient Fruit, Tulip, Blue Jazz, 5 Gold Green Beans, 5 Gold Potatoes, and 5 Gold Cauliflower.
  • Foraging: Spring Onion and 60 Salmonberries.
  • Fish: Gold Shad (Rainy, 9AM-2AM, River)


  • Crops: Tomato, Hot Pepper, Blueberry, One Regular Melon, 5 Gold Melons, Orange, Peach, Red Cabbage (Only available Year 2+, or from the Traveling Merchant), 10 Wheat, Sunflower, and Poppy.
  • Foraging: Grape, Spice Berry, Sweet Pea, Fiddlehead Fern, and 2 Red Mushrooms.
  • Fish: Tuna (Any, 6AM-7PM, Ocean), Red Snapper (Rainy, 6AM-7PM, Ocean), Pufferfish (Sunny, 12PM-4PM, Ocean), Tilapia (Any, 6AM-2PM, Ocean), Shad (Rainy, 9AM-2AM, River), Sunfish (Sunny, 6AM-7PM, River), Bullhead (Any, Mountain Lake), Catfish (Rainy, Anytime, River or Secret Woods), and Sturgeon (Any, 6AM-7PM, Mountain Lake).
  • Artisan: Honey
  • Animal Products: Truffle

Remixed Bundles:

  • Crops: Ancient Fruit, Summer Spangle, Starfruit, 5 Hops, 5 Gold Blueberries, 5 Gold Hot Peppers, 5 Gold Corn, 2 Blueberries, 2 Sunflowers.
  • Foraging: 5 Fiddlehead Ferns.
  • Fish: Gold Tuna (Any, 6AM-7PM, Ocean), and Octopus (Any, 5pm-2am, Ocean during Night Market).
  • Artisan: Green Tea, Ice Cream, Mead, and Pale Ale.

Fall / Autumn

  • Crops: One Regular Corn, Eggplant, Yam, 4 Apples, Sunflower, 2 Pomegranates, One Regular Pumpkin, 10 Wheat, 5 Gold Star Pumpkins, and 5 Gold Corn.
  • Foraging: Common Mushroom, Wild Plum, Hazelnut, 2 Red Mushrooms, and Blackberry.
  • Fish: Red Snapper (Rainy, 6AM-7PM, Ocean), Walleye (Rainy, 12PM-2AM, Cindersap Forest Pond), Tilapia (Any, 6AM-2PM, Ocean), Eel (Rainy, 4PM-2AM, Ocean), Shad (Rainy, 9AM-2AM, River), Catfish (Rainy, Anytime, River), and Tiger Trout (Any, 6AM-7PM, River).
  • Artisan: Honey
  • Animal Products: Truffle

Remixed Bundles:

  • Crops: Ancient Fruit, Sweet Gem Berry, Fairy Rose, 5 Gold Yams, 5 Gold Eggplants, Amaranth, and Beet.
  • Foraging: 50 Blackberries, 7 Purple Mushrooms, and 50 Wild Plums.
  • Fish: Gold Walleye (Rainy, 12PM-2AM, Cindersap Forest Pond), Gold Shad (Rainy, 9AM-2AM, River)
  • Artisan: 100 Wheat Flour


  • Foraging: Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, Nautilus Shell, and Crocus.
  • Fish: Tuna (Any, 6AM-7PM, Ocean), Sturgeon (Any, 6AM-7PM, Mountain Lake), and Tiger Trout (Any, 6AM-7PM, River).

Remixed Bundles:

  • Foraging: Holly
  • Fish: Blobfish (Any, 5PM-2AM, Night Market Submarine)

Any Season

  • Foraging: Coconut, 198 Wood, 10 Hardwood, Sea Urchin, and Cactus Fruit.
  • Animal Products: Large Milk, Large Brown Egg, Large White Egg, Large Goat Milk, Goat Cheese, Cheese, Wool, Rabbit’s Foot, Duck Feather, and Duck Egg.
  • Artisan: Truffle Oil, Cloth, Wine, and Jelly/Jam.
  • Fish/Crab Pot: Carp (Anytime, Mountain Lake or Secret Woods), Sardine (6AM-7PM, Ocean), Bream (6PM-2AM, River), Largemouth Bass (6AM-7PM, Mountain Lake), Ghostfish (Floors 20, 60, and 100), Sandfish (6AM-8PM, Calico Desert), Woodskip (Secret Woods), Chub (Any, Forest River or Mountain Lake).

The following are caught using crab pots placed in the ocean: Lobster, Crab, Cockle, Mussel, Shrimp, Oyster, and Clam.

The following are caught using crab pots placed anywhere except the ocean and the mines: Crayfish, Snail, and Periwinkle.

  • Mines: Cave Carrot, Red Mushroom, 2 Purple Mushrooms, 99 Stone, Frozen Geode, Aquamarine, Fire Quartz, Frozen Tear, Earth Crystal, and Quartz.
  • Combat: 99 Slime, 10 Bat Wings, Solar Essence, and Void Essence.
  • Tapped Trees: 2 Maple Syrups, 2 Oak Resins, and Pine Tar.
  • Smelted: Copper Bar, Iron Bar, and Gold Bar
  • Kitchen: Maki Roll (Queen of Sauce, 28 Summer, Year 1) and Fried Egg (House Upgrade #1).
  • Purchasable: 10 Hay (Marnie) and Maki Roll (Saloon)
  • Other: 42,500G

FAQ + Useful Tips

Abigail or Haley? Who’s the better marriage option?

I like picking Abigail so Sebastian has a reason for being in his emo phase for real

I know Haley is easy to get through the “mean girl” phase by plowing her with daffodils during Spring, especially thanks to her birthday, but Abigail is easy too. Amethysts are one of the lower tier gems that she loves, and a Crystalarium will produce one every morning as soon as you wake up if you grab it immediately and hand it to her when she’s your Wife, which makes keeping her happy really easy. Not sure if Haley can also do this, I think she likes Topaz which is probably in the same boat as Amethyst in that it produces itself every day. You get a Crystalarium for free from the community center too.

Otherwise Abigail likes Pumpkin which is easy to farm up once you reach Fall, which is also where her birthday is, but the real secret weapon for her is Pufferfish, available in Summer during sunny days at the Ocean from 12PM – 4PM. With high enough fishing and skill you can easily catch a bunch of Iridium quality ones, which will skyrocket her friendship especially if you give her one on the birthday on the 13th. For me at least Fall is always around the time I have money to spend on house upgrades, so it always lines up nicely with Abigail and marriage mid-Fall.

I’ll admit I’ve only ever romanced Maru once and Abigail many times so I don’t know my way around the rest of them, but I’ve always found Abigail to be one of the easiest. Her only real flaw is if it’s raining on Wednesday you’re not going to see her all day because she’ll stay in her room / kitchen all day. At least until you fix the community center anyway, but by then she’s probably going to be married to you.

But I think in terms of personality, if that matters much, Penny and Haley seem to be top tier marital material. Then I’d say Emily and Abigail. Finally, Maru and Leah.

I think out of all of the marriage candidates, only Shane and Penny offer something though, right? Shane gives you blue chickens (dunno if that’s from romance or just friendship) and Penny redecorates giving you a one time only set of furniture.

Community Center or Joja?

From a role-playing perspective, you play a character who was a cubicle wage-slave at Joja headquarters, and … who couldn’t handle the soul crushing nature of the work.

So … for me … I always go the Community Center route. The idea of giving in and becoming a customer of the “Big Box” store is too much. My character walked away from the company once, I don’t see a reason to go back.

From a game play perspective, it’s meant to be a balance, an option. Joja has different prices, some things are more, but many things are less (Pierre sells flour for about 3 times as much as Joja). Many players prefer to maximize their efficiency, and don’t like the seasonal dependency of the Community Center, for them, going the Joja route lets them choose which upgrades to get in which order.

And from a RP perspective again, Joja does employ both Shane and Sam, and various villagers do go to the Community Center to spend time (notably Clint on Fridays).

So … ultimately, while the Community Center is presented as the “good” choice and Joja is presented as the “evil” choice, neither is wholey good or wholey evil.

Really it’s just a choice on what sort of game-play functionality you prefer. Do you like the “hunt and peck” of the Community Center? Or do you prefer the expediency of Joja?

Pick what works best for you, that’s why the choice exists.

Do I have a time limit to complete all the bundles in the Community Center?

No there isn’t.

After 2 years (1st of spring year 3), you get a special cutscene where you get points and completing the community center is part of these points and can get a speical item.

But if you don’t get enough points by them, you can still pay a diamond to get the special item if you think you’ve score more points.

There is only one thing in the game that is possible to ‘miss’, and that is a single cutscene with 2 characters.

The cutscene no longer triggers due to an event that happens at the start of year 2.

Other than that, every year is the same. All the fish come back, all the town festivals repeat, all of the same stock will exist in the stores (with a few items ADDED in year 2). So don’t worry about missing anything. Play as casually and slow as you want.

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