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Stardew Valley - How to Get Tea / New Caroline Heart Event (Update 1.4)

Created by Admirable Crunch   ::   Nov 29, 2019    

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How to get Tea and the New 1.4 Caroline heart event. Minimal spoilers because it's just neat.

What You Need

In order to access the tea sapling and Caroline's heart even that gives you the crafting recipe, you need to have at least FIVE hearts with her.

Where You Go

You need to enter Pierre's shop, and go in the back to the Pierre,Abigail,Caroline household. From there you need to find their kitchen. From the kitchen you can enter a brandnew room! The Sunroom a personal space for Caroline, where her new heart even takes place.

Just a note, I won't spoil the heart even, as it's pretty good. I will show you where the room is and what it looks like.

How to Get the Tea Sapling

You need to go through the heart event, and from there she will give you the recipe for the sapling. From there you have to craft the sapling and plant it in the ground like you would any other tree.

From there it takes 20 days to mature, you can then harvest it in the final week of each season.

After you get the tea leaves you simply brew it in the keg to make tea.

Created by Admirable Crunch.