Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Where to Find All Arcade Machines

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - Where to Find All Arcade Machines
Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - Where to Find All Arcade Machines

Missing an Arcade Machine? Don’t know where you can find them in the first place? then this is the perfect guide for you!


Keep in mind that this guide contains spoilers for the new content included in the v2 update of EBF5, if you want to avoid spoilers and would like to try and find these on your own then i suggest to avoid this guide.

All the machines will be arranged acordingly to the bestiary order of the enemies, while some of these can be pretty obvious others are not and can be quite hidden at times, i’ll do my best to explain where to find each machine.

If by any chance you can’t access one it’s likely because you need a key item like the shovel or the hammer, with that said let’s start!

Arcade #1 – BOSH

Our first machine will be located behind the Food and Materials shop in Greenwood.

Arcade #2 – ROBO

For the second machine we’ll be heading to No Man’s Land, near the entrance to the castle you’ll find this cracked wall containing a NPC Quest, a tile puzzle and the 2nd Arcade Machine.

Arcade #3 – GLOB

Found in the Mystic Woods, behind the tree in the area with the spikes and levers.

Arcade #4 – SNEK

Found near the dungeon entrance in Redpine Town, hidden in a corner.

Arcade #5 – PUMPKUS

The fifth machine will be located in the Rainbow River, south east of Greenwood Village.

Arcade #6 – ANGRY CHAIR

This one is quite easy, It’s located behind the blue house next to the armory shop in Hope Harbor, you’ll need the shovel to get rid of some dirt blocking the entrance first.

Arcade #7 – PHOENIX

Look for this specific cave in the Wild Tropics and check the wall to your left, you’ll find a secret passage leading to the seventh arcade machine.

Arcade #8 – TREAGURE

Found in the Grand Gallery, you’ll need to have alteast 90 achievements to access this room.

Arcade #9 – TOTOM

Found in the north east section of Greenwood Village… also known as the shrine where you can do the 10M Damage Achievement.

Arcade #10 – GUOYE

This one took me a while to find, from the slime cat go to the left and keep hugging the wall till you find this secret entrance which leads to a portal containing the tenth arcade machine.

There’s also a chest down there, try hovering your mouse near the skeleton hand and maybe you’ll find something.

Arcade #11 – CORALIA

Once you have the Slime Cat unlocked, go north and inspect these islands till you find the entrance. You’ll need the stepladder but by this point you’ll likely already have it.

Arcade #12 – THE MAW

And for our last machine we’ll be heading to the Rapture, inside the cave where you fight the zombie hydra you’ll find the entrance hidden behind a wall, keep in mind that if you haven’t defeated the hydra yet you’ll need to do that first.

I Found Them All, Now What?

Once you have found and beaten all 12 arcade machines you’ll get the Game Collector achievement and also unlock the Arcade Boss Rush located in Matt’s House.

Now go and get that Retro Gamer achievement by beating the rush in Epic difficulty!

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  1. I have the stepladder. I try to click on the entrance to the Coralia island, but nothing happens. What do I need to do?

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