Stardew Valley – Easiest Gift Giving Guide

A guide of the easiest and best gifts to give each villager to gain hearts as fast as possible.


From beginning: Quartz for +45

Once deeper in the mines: Amethyst for +80

Alternative to amethysts for +80: Chocolate cake

  • Recipe on 14th Winter
  • 1 egg
  • Sugar from Pierre’s
  • Wheat flour from Pierre’s or the mill (Wheat grown in Summer/Fall)


From the beginning: Hash browns for +45

  • Recipe from Stardrop Saloon
  • Potato – Grown in Spring
  • Oil – bought from Pierre’s

Once you have a coop: Eggs (except void) for +45

Once you get the Salmon Dinner recipe from 3 hearts with Gus: Salmon Dinner for +80

  • Kale – Grown in Spring – stock up in advance (max 16 needed to give 2 a week until next Spring)
  • Salmon – Caught in Fall
  • Amaranth – Grown in Fall


From beginning: Daffodil for +45

Once reached two hearts: Green tea for +80

  • Craft tea sapling from recipe given
  • Place tea leaves in keg

Alternatively, once reached Summer: Summer spangle for +80


From beginning: Coal or daffodil/dandelion for +20

Once in the mines: Copper bar for +45

Once acquired: Topaz for +80

  • Topaz is the cheapest gem so best value
  • Also options are amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, jade, ruby


From beginning: Daffodil/dandelion/horseradish for +20

Once coop acquired: Eggs for +45

Once strawberries acquired at egg festival: Strawberry for +80

Once 7 hearts with Clint: Bean hotpot for +80

  • Better value than strawberries
  • 2 green beans (grown in Spring)


Quartz or dwarf scrolls for +45

Topaz for +80

  • Or other gems, but topaz is best value


Any fish EXCEPT carp, snail or sea cucumber for +20

Lobster from ocean crab pot for +80

Pomegranate from Fall tree or fruit bat cave for +80

  • More reliable option than lobster, but sells for more so worse value


From beginning: Daffodil or quartz for +45

Topaz (or other gems) for +80

If lacking gems then wool for +80, but wool would sell for a lot more than topaz!


From beginning: Daffodil for +45

Tulip (Spring seed) for +80

  • 32 tulips grown in Spring will last you the whole year

If you run out of tulips, then beets (Fall seed) for +80


Leek for +80

If you run out, Fried mushroom recipe from Demetrius at 3 hearts for +80

  • Common mushroom
  • Morel
  • Oil from Pierre’s


From beginning: Daffodil for +45

Once orange tree grown in Summer: Orange for +80

Alternatively, once 5 hearts with Willy: Escargot for +80

  • Garlic (Spring seed)
  • Snail (Farm pond crabpot)


From beginning: Daffodil (+45)

From Summer: Sunflower (+80)

From Desert access: Coconut (+80)

  • Slightly worse value than sunflower but available year round if you run out of sunflowers


From beginning: Any Spring forage (+45)

  • I’d probably go for spring onion as so far no one else particularly wants that!

From farming level 4: Pickles (+80)

  • Made in preserves jar from any vegetable
  • Best value to gift would be unmilled rice, parsnips, green beans

Alternative: Coffee (+80)

  • Cannot be made until farming level 8, but can be bought at the stardrop saloon for 300g


From beginning: Daffodil (+45)

From Fall: Fairy rose flower (+80)

From Winter 7th: Plum pudding (+80)

  • 2 wild plums
  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar
  • Better value than fairy rose


Wild horseradish for +80

Alternatively: Void egg for +80


From beginning: Daffodil or dandelion for +20

Once in mines: Quartz for +45

From summer: Farmer’s lunch for +80

  • Recipe from Farming level 3
  • Recipe = omelet + parsnip
  • Parsnip grown in spring
  • Omelet recipe from TV 28th Spring
  • Omelet recipe = Egg + milk

Alternatively, Diamond for +80 (but this is obviously way more valuable!)


From beginning: Spring forage (except spring onion) (+20)

Spring: Cauliflower (+80)

From mid-Spring: Strawberry (+80)

  • Better value than cauliflower


From beginning: dandelion or leek (+45)

From Summer: Poppy (+80)

From combat level 3: roots platter (+80)

  • Cave carrot
  • Winter root (dropped by blue slimes, tilled earth)
  • better value than poppy


From beginning: Joja Can (trash) from fishing for +45

  • Most often found on farm pond on standard farm

Once in desert: Cactus fruit for +80


From beginning: Any fish except carp for +20

Once in mines: Quartz for +45

Once at Floor 40 in mines: Frozen tear for +80

Alternatively: Sashimi for +80

  • Recipe from Linus at 3 hearts
  • Recipe = any fish


From 15th Spring: Salmonberry (+45)

From Summer: hot pepper (+80)


Early mines: Quartz (+45)

Once deeper in mines: Void or solar essence (+80)

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