Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – Beginners Guide (with Tips)

Guide on clone drone. Took me 600 hours to get here but i’m finally making a guide. I will TRY to be unbiased.


So this is gonna be a guide about clone drone. its gonna have the basics and some more advanced stuff as well.



Endless mode is the main singleplayer mode. It consists of 7 tiers, which are as follows:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Titanium, Uranium, and Insanium. (Insanium being the hardest and Bronze being the easiest)

These tiers get progressivly harder from bronze being extremely easy and Insanium being, well, insane.


Challenges are like endless, except they are harder and you only need to complete a certain number of levels. there’s about 10 challenges, which give you achievements and trophies.

Workshop Challenges

Workshop challenges are when a player makes a level themselves. these levels can consist of multiple levels and vary an insane amount from one to another. Workshop challenges are made in the level editor, which i’ll get to later.

Twitch mode

Endless but you’re streaming to twitch and the viewers get to place enemies or allies. You can bet on how the streamer will die and if your bet was right you get coins, which are used to place enemies/alllies.

Story mode

Story mode is the game’s story. There’s 5 chapters and different difficulties. these difficulties are: Normal, Hard, and Insane. Obviously insane is the hardest, and only about 1-2% of people have done all chapters in insane mode.

I personally don’t do much single player, so i cant really provide much info here.


Multiplayer, you already know what that means.

Last Bot Standing (basics)

Last bot standing(or lbs) is a hunger games style game. 15 players into the arena with set upgrades and upgrade drops. It is very popular and has different garbage bots to hold you pre-match, which is used on your wins. The highest garbage bot is 1k wins+. Anyways, Last bot standing is where pvp mostly happens. It has a great amount of replayability due to being multiplayer.

That’s it for the basics of lbs.


My personal favorite, Duels are your basic 1v1. In duels there are 3 variables you can change yourself. The first is clones, which is how many extra lives you have. the second is upgrades per death, which is how many upgrades you get per death. The third and final one is upgrades. basically just how many upgrades you get from the start. Sadly there is no such things as public duels anymore, unless you count bugs like when the servers were buggy and if you tried to create a duel room you could be put into a duel with a random person.

Co-op challenges

Challenges but with friends.

Endless Co-op

Endless but with friends.

Yea thats pretty much it for multiplayer.


Sword is a popular weapon, and for good reason. It is quick and powerful, especially with fire. Although there are a couple of things needed to master it.

First off one huge thing about sword is speed and agility. The sword has the least range of all the weapons (excluding kick) so you have to be quick and agile. The sword relies heavily on openings in the enemy’s attacks, so being able to spot those and act on it is crucial. Other weapons have more range, so they can hit you when you can’t hit them. Thats why speed and agility with sword is so crucial, so you can weave through attacks and strike them when an opening arises.

Another thing about sword that is crucial is energy conservation. Back to the first point, the sword has smaller range than every other weapon, so it relies heavily on dashing and dodging. If you don’t have energy, you can’t take advantage of openings, you can’t jump to dodge attacks, you can’t dash away from attacks, without energy you can’t do much with sword.

Finally, timing is very important with sword. If you swing to early or too late your hit might not land, and you’ll stand like an idiot as your face gets obliterated. Timing is important as well for predictions, where you predict your enemy dashing in and attacking.

Thats all I have for sword.


Bow is the only ranged weapon, and it’s a bit harder to master than most other weapons, and has a good payoff at that.

One of the biggest things about bow is energy conservation. The bow literally runs on energy, and without it you can’t fight at all. Without energy you can’t jump to dodge, or even shoot the bow at all. This is why energy conservation is so crucial with bow. Because of this you need to make sure to not dash or jump much, as this takes energy.

Another huge thing is distance. If you’re to close with bow the enemy can just dash up to you and kill you. But if you are too far then the enemy can clearly see where the arrow is heading, and can dodge it easily. So finding the correct distance is crucial for bow,

Another huge thing is aim. If you can’t aim with bow then you will never find success with it. When aiming with bow you should try and predict where they will go, not where they are. This can be difficult because people try to mix up their movements to not get hit.

That’s all I have for bow


Hammer is a big, slow weapon with more range than sword but less than spear. It is almost always a one shot.

One huge thing about hammer is timing. it is big and slow so if you time your attacks wrong they can completely miss and you will probably die. If you time your attacks well they will land a hit on the opponent, which is almost always a one shot.

Another thing is knowing when to attack. Players will try to bait in an attack with hammer and dodge it so they can get an easy kill. knowing when to attack is important so you don’t get baited and killed.

Thats all I have. Im not good with hammer so this bit is small, as it will be with spear as well.


Spear is a long range melee weapon that demands precision. It has long range and a small hitbox.

One tip for spear is to be precise. Hit in the vital spots so that your hits get kills, because the small hitbox makes it difficult to get kills hitting anywhere else. You need to aim and be precise to be successful with spear. (or spear flick i dunno)

Another tip is unpredictability. dodging spear can be easy by just jumping or moving one direction, so you want to be unpredictable to be able to land hits without players dodging them.

I suck with spear so don’t take this as truth.

Last Bot Standing Tips

Last bot standing is extremely popular, but not everyone is the best at it.

Choosing your battles

Choosing your battles in lbs is very important. If you want to win charging at a 1k win player isn’t the best way to do it. Picking a fight you have a good chance of winning is smarter than charging some random pro cuz you have a small chance of landing a hit.

Upgrade drops

Upgrade drops are very important. They give you advantages over other players. They can decide the winner of a battle and a match. These drops are: Max Energy, Max Sword, Max Bow, Max Hammer, Max Spear, Jetpack, Power Kick, Giant Size, Raptor, and Laser. These provide advantages to you that can help you win fights. The only one some people might not like is Jetpack, as it replaces dash. Anyhow, getting upgrade drops helps a lot when trying to win a lbs match. Although, don’t challenge an upgrade drop for no reason. If you are good with the upgrade or the person trying to get the upgrade is good with it i understand, but otherwise don’t risk your life for something that probably wont affect the outcome of the match.

Awareness of your surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is very important. If you are not aware of your surroundings you can get sneak attacked and die. If you are though you can sneak attack other players and not get sneak attacked yourself.

Knowing weapons

Knowing weapons can be a powerful tool in last bot standing. If you know the weapons then you know the strengths and weaknesses. If you know these you can properly counter the weapon.

Yea thats all i have for lbs.


Upgrades in clone drone.

  • Sword: A melee weapon with short range and fast speed.
  • Bow: A ranged weapon which consumes some energy per shot and has pretty slow arrow speed.
  • Hammer: A melee weapon that usually 1-shots. Has decent range and slow swing speed.
  • Spear: A melee precision weapon with long range and a small hitbox.
  • Fire: A great upgrade that helps you get kills when you land hits
  • Energy: An amazing upgrade that lets you dash more, jump more, and do anything that requires energy more
  • Energy Recharge: An amazing upgrade that helps you recharge your energy faster.
  • Jetpack: An underrated upgrade that when use properly can destroy enemies. (Basically dash but a bit slower and continuous)
  • Kick: An upgrade that knocks down your opponent, they cant do anything until they get up while knocked down.
  • Clone: (singleplayer exclusive) an upgrade which gives you an extra live.
  • Armor: An upgrade that puts a defensive shell around your arms and legs.
  • Arrow width: (Bow only) An upgrade that makes the arrows you shoot with bow wider
  • Aim: (singleplayer exclusive, Bow only, Needs Energy upgrade 1) an upgrade that when you hold right click with bow when you have an arrow drawn, slows down time.
  • Block arrows: (sword only) an upgrade that blocks arrows.
  • Hammer size: (Hammer only) Makes your hammer bigger
  • Shield: (Spear only) gives you a shield that blocks attacks. receives massive damage from hammer though. If you have this upgrade you cannot kick
  • Shield bash: (Spear+Shield only) basically a kick with dash
  • Get up!: (Kick only) Helps you get up faster when knocked down by kick or Shield bash
  • Power Kick: (Kick only) kicks enemies much farther
  • Flame Breath: (Needs Energy upgrade 3) You breath fire that burns others
  • Fire Resistance (Needs Energy upgrade 3 and Flame Breath) Makes you more resistant to fire.
  • Raptor (Last bot standing only, Upgrade drop exclusive) Makes you ride a raptor that has max energy, power kick i think, and breathes fire. Can be dismounted.
  • Laser (Last bot standing only, Upgrade drop exclusive) lets you fire a laser that obliterates everything in its path.
  • Giant Size (Last bot standing only, Upgrade drop exclusive) Makes you bigger, lets you jump higher, gives you a bigger weapon, and makes you go 25% faster than normal.

Level Editor

Level editor is a bit complicated, with the animations and all.ill try to help you with that here.


First off is the folders. on the left of the screen you will see many, many folders. These folders contain basically everything in the game, from a cube to the final boss. Knowing whats in each folder helps a lot when making a level, so if you want to become a level editor pro try to memorize whats relevant in each folder.


Challenges are basically multiple levels put together. to make a challenge go to the top right and click “make challenges” and just add a couple of levels there.


First tool is the drag, it drags with the mouse. The hotkey is the number 1

The second tool is move. It helps you move in the x, y, and z axis without moving on any of the other axis’s the hotkey is 2, and you’ll know it’s the move tool because there will be arrows sticking out of it in 3 directions

The third tool is rotate. It rotates the object in x, y, and z. Hotkey is 3, you’ll know it’s rotate cuz there’s 3 circles around it.

The fourth tool is scale. It makes the object bigger in x, y, and z. Hotkey is 4, you’ll know it’s the scale tool because it’ll have 3 boxy arrows sticking out of it.


Animations are difficult at first. The tutorial helps an insane amount with this. I’ll still be trying to explain it though

I cant explain it very well really.

Make an animation with the little paper with a plus on the left.

You will see a blue line, this is the time that the animation is in. if you move it forward the animation will go forward in time, and backwards it will go back in time. you will need this in animations, so that things like speech happen in different times, making something that makes sense, not just a jumbled mess of words

Drag a cube onto the scene. a row will pop up on the animations thing named “Cube Position”. Click on the cube and press 2. some arrows pointing in 3 directions out of the cube should pop up. Click on one of them and then move the blue line in the animation tab to the right. then move any one of the arrows cube in any direction. You have just made an object move, which becomes very important.

Now do the same thing but instead press 3 and 4, which give you the rotate and scale tool. rotate tool rotates the object and scale makes it bigger or smaller. do the same thing you did with the 2nd tool with the 3rd and 4th tool.

Now put an enemy on the scene. delete the position row that opens up. Now go to the right where the data for the enemy will be and you will see a lot of stuff. Focus on the speech and the “upperbody animation”/”lowerbody animation”. first go to speech. type something in, anything. boom, you have made the robot talk. in the animations tab you will see a “speechtext” row. you should see a yellow bar in the row. when making an animation know that if you put two speech boxes for 2 robots inside of each other, then the bots will not yield for each other, they will both talk at the same time making a jumbled mess. Now keep these robots for the next thing.

Now pay attention to the upper and lower body animations, first click on one of the robots and go down to upper body animations. Click on upper body animation and a drop down will appear. Click on any one of the drop downs (there’s a ton of them just pick one) and play the animation. The robot should be doing an action on his upper body. Now do the same thing for the lower body. Click on it and pick a drop down. Boom, you have just made a full body animation. Note that if you want you not to do an emote or action then you have to pick the same action for the lower and upper body animation. Anyways that’s how you make a robot talk and do an emote. There is manual animations but those are a bit complicated. Plus this section is super long already.

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