Prototype – Debug Menu / How to Spawn NPCs and Run Custom Scripts (Cheats)

A guide on how to activate the Prototype debug menu and run custom scripts.

How to Activate Debug Menu (Cheats)

Hey everyone, here is a method I found to spawn NPCs and run scripts with Prototype 1 debug menu, I’m not the creator of these tools I just found out how to use them;

Launch the extractor and select art.rcf in the main prototype 1 main folder. Make the extraction destination the same prototype 1 main folder and start extraction.

Copy art and scripts files from the folder you downloaded and drop them to prototype 1 main folder. Now custom NPC spawner scripts are ready to use.

If you open the scripts folder you will see some scripts. With Notepad++ you can open the script files and see what NPC that will spawn. You can change those scripts and spawn different NPCs in the game. But you will only change the text inside the scripts files not the name itself. The amount of scripts in the scripts folder will remain the same and their name also will remain the same, you can’t add more as I know.


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