Stardew Valley – Cleaning Up the Trash in Town (Trash Bear)

Stardew Valley - Cleaning Up the Trash in Town (Trash Bear)
Stardew Valley - Cleaning Up the Trash in Town (Trash Bear)

Stardew Valley Guides:

How to find and use the trash bear to clean up the garbage in Stardew Valley.

Where to Find It and When

Note: Credit goes to Admirable Crunch

Important Note: The trash bear will only appear year three or later!

He is south of the farm in the wilderness area containing the wizards home, marnie’s ranch, leah’s house, the hat mouse house, and the entrance the the hardwood forest.

He can be found to the right of the entrance of the sewer pipe entrance.

How to Use the Trash Bear

The Trash Bear will want about 5 items.

Having talked with some other people, it’s usually:

  • 2 Random Forage items (most likely in season).
  • 1 Random Fish (most likely in season).
  • 2 Random dishes.

Your Results Will Vary

In mine it wanted Sweat Peas, Grapes, Sunfish, Cheese Cauliflower, and Pumpkin Soup.

The Trash bear will simply ask for each item. You need not worry about quality.

The Result

Trash bear cleans up the town for you. Pretty nice. Starts with the nasty sewer pipe, and the area around the dog cage.

Suffice to say the poor dog in the fenced in area finally gets a happy ending!

Note: This does not clean up pam’s dumpsterfire of a trailer.

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