Brotato – Danger 5 Runs and Tips (All Characters)

In this guide Ill be posting my Danger 5 runs with every single characters and give some tips to get the Run going + Build.

General Tips if Youre Stuck

Dont ignore Luck and Harvesting

The earlier you get a bit of luck and harvesting the more they will pay off later on

Here is an example

I am not saying that you have to go full harvesting every time but the earlier you get it the more value it has. It is the same with luck, the earlier you get a bit of luck the better items and better levels you are going to have.

So if you’re struggling with a character at Danger 5 try to level up a bit of Harvesting + Luck earlier in the run and the run will go much much smoother.

This is how lucks affects the game.

And this is how luck affects the shop items as an example but don’t forget the level ups and the alien material drops.

Now with this out of the way, lets proceed to the builds and characters!


In general build it with pretty much anything you want he starts pretty strong with Harvesting off the start.


This one is tricky since if you want a high DPS build youll get oneshot most of the time because you are too close to the aliens.

So try to keep some form of survival, I recommend Dodge + HP.


Life-steal and high DPS + Crit are your friends.

Becomes much stronger the more crit you get him, so get weapons that scale with crit like in pic below.


Self Explanatory, go for DPS (range damage, attack speed and crit) try to get dodge up and luck up.


This one took me a while, I feel like, Elemental builds need a lot of items like ”Snake or Scared Sausage” to get strong.

Having couple of melee items will help you clear the bigger waves.


This guy builds HP so what weapon scaled with HP? Multitasker Win unlock.

So go to Danger 0-1 and Do a multitasker Run to unlock Chopper weapon.


I think Engineering is easier for Danger 5 but you can work with anything, Mines work amazing with Old since map is small.


Try to get your luck up but this characters needs items to work with luck so if it not taking off, go with melee damage and with Spears until you get these items.


This character wont have many items because all items are not cheap.

Luck up to get better levels, youll level a lot.


One of the hardest to play around. Jack of all traders master of none.

Get Primitive weapons or get 3 primitive Spears + Fast guns.

This first pic was more survival oriented.

This second pic was more damage oriented, spears are like guns.


Go for weapons that have high base damage.

Like Revolvers do not go for weapons with low base damage. Since we only build % damage on him.


Sticks Sticks Sticks Sticks!

if you dont get sticks then get primitive weapons.


Sticks Sticks Sticks Sticks!


Hands + Harvest stack, try to get Crown.


One of the most fun characters.

Go crazy build anything, primitive weapons are recommended.


The idea is that you get your baseline up with some weapons and stuff then you stop buying stuff and farm with the Piggy bank.


Fast penetrating weapons is what you need to life-steal.

Do not get weird ghost or your run will be over!


Start with pruners and GET CROWN, add harvest, you dont have to kill that much.

Just farm harvest with food drops then switch build to whatever weapons you want.


Ghost weapons I recommend Ghost wand + Axe. Forget about armor.


Get lances because they scale with speed and you want SPEED.


Farmer 2.0. Engineering is the easiest method since he has DMG penalty (feels bad man).


Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering!


Another negative damage character so go with Engineering!


Imo full melee scissors can be better but if you get buller penetration then ranged will do too, only go for medic weapons.


Crit Crit Crit Crit Crit Crit Crit Crit.

Crossbow Crossbow Crossbow Crossbow.


This one is hard to pull off, get explosion size and explosion dmg.

Shredder weapons are best starter in general.


Another hard to pull off.

Try to get a combination of weapon and then re-roll that shop and LOCK that weapon you want don’t pick it up so next shop you have it.

For example if you are going primitive then re-roll shop once you’re maxed of primitive weapons and then LOCK the primitive weapon.

If you don’t lock the item you’ll random items next shop.


This idea is for you to reach a high material and then stand still but if it doenst work just move around and try again.


Actual fun character just go 3 Ranged 3 Engineering and % DMG.

DO NOT LEVEL UP engineering just go for Ranged DMG.


Get pruners and Garden some dmg but focus on tankiness.


One of the most fun characters in the game once you understand it.

The idea is that there ALMOST no aliens so the ones that spawn you have to one-shot.

Go for HIGH BASE DMG weapons (REVOLVER) then get % DAMGE % DAMAGE.


This one took me around 10 hours Im not kidding. This idea is to not build damage and you go for HP and Life steal so go for Elemental stuff.

Why elemental stuff? Because if you burn an enemy you have a chance to heal for every DOT of fire.

Cool, right? Now imagine if you had SNAKE which spreads the fire dot to other aliens.

Fast weapons are also pretty good like Minigun or SMG.


Go for ghost staff early since youll level up a lot and then go for Ghost Axe.

Then once you have a good baseline stats build whatever you prefer.


Fun one. Do not kill the trees unless you’re about to die.

Build crit and go for fast weapons that scale well with crit, meanwhile go for a bit of HP.


One of the hardest one to pull off too, GO FOR SPEARS. What worked for me after I tried and tried?

Do not get that many baits early 1-2 and go LUCK and HARVEST then once you worked your early levels you take many many baits at the later levels 9+.


You need pretty much the shield, how do you get the shield? Do a Danger 0-1 with Masochist.

Then start the golem with shield and stack armor.


Extremely fun character. Try to not get level 1 weapons and build anything you want.

Ranged builds, Melee whatever.

Melee king.


I went with explosive weapons since if he misses with one 1 shot the projectile will hit the next enemy in line and explode and kill both it worked most of the time.


Slingshot Slingshot Slingshot Slingshot Slingshot Slingshot!


It might not seem like it bug get EXPLOSION DAMAGE and EXPLOSION SIZE. He explodes every time he gets hit.

Forget about ranged damage and elemental damage when you level up since you get less damage from them (pic related) but if game throws at you free damage take it.


Fun one, just move a bit and stay, move and stay (KITTING).


This characters needs his own weapon unlock so do a level 0 run with him and then the Danger 5 with his unlock.

SHIELD + Armor Stack.


Fun one Blades + Lances are amazing.

3 Shields + 3 Melee can work too but NOT hard to pull off.


Last one is Demon one of the most crazy characters in the game where you trade HP for items. So what items gives you HP? Ghost Scepter and go full damage and slowly a bit of tankiness.

Youll end up with lots of HP.

Sharp Bullet is really really good.

Build 1.

Build 2.

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