Phasmophobia – How to Start Playing Correctly

In this guide I will tell you how to start playing Phasmoohobia correctly.

What Should I Do When I First Log in to the Game?

First, you can go to settings and switch the language to English, as well as in the graphics settings, configure the graphics by scrolling down a little with the mouse wheel.

After you have played your first match with real players, while getting money and experience, do not rush to spend your money until you reach level 10, because due to the fact that you are not quite experienced yet, the Ghost can kill you several times and you will lose all your things and do not understand why they disappeared.

When you reach level 10, a “Medium” difficulty level will open, which will have much more challenging gameplay and ghosts.

Unlike lyubitelskogo level, you will have the following differences:

  1. Your earnings will double compared to the amateur difficulty level, i.e. 2 Times.
  2. The time taken to install the equipment will be reduced to 2 minutes.
  3. The player’s sanity will be spent 50% faster.
  4. The experience gained for completing tasks and missions will increase by 50%, i.e. By 1.5 times.
  5. The overall frequency of paranormal events and ghost attacks will increase.

Once you reach level 15 in your profile, you will unlock the “Professional” difficulty level, and it is quite a challenge.

Ghosts at this level are the most aggressive, but the greater the risk, the more rewards.

When opening the “Professional” level:

  1. You will earn three times more money compared to the “amateur” difficulty level, i.e. 3 Times.
  2. There will be no time to prepare the equipment, and you will have to install all the equipment while the ghost roams around hunting you.
  3. Your earnings in xp will also increase from 1. From 5x to 2x.
  4. The level of consumption of the player’s mind is doubled compared to the “amateur”level.
  5. The frequency of paranormal events and ghost attacks will increase even more with the duration of the hunting mode

Also keep in mind that you can’t choose the difficulty levels manually yet. In General, the game becomes more difficult, but as soon as you open a certain level of difficulty, it will be assigned to you randomly according to the level of your character.

If you realize that the game is too easy for you in a certain lobby, you can always go out and recreate the lobby to update the maps and find a higher difficulty.

How to Use Various Items Correctly

EMF sensor(5-lvl) – You can Use it by clicking on the right mouse button. With it, you can determine whether there is a Ghost in the house or in which room it is located. And remember, you can only choose the “EMF Sensor” in your diary if it shows a strictly 5-th scale, i.e. a red light bulb, if the scale is shown from 1 to 4, then this is not considered as evidence.

Flashlight/Strong flashlight – When you reach the desired level, I advise you to immediately buy a strong flashlight and, preferably, several (to Shine as much as possible in the face of the Ghost).

Notepad – You need to put it in the room where the Ghost is, and if he writes something, then mark it as evidence. P.S. If the Ghost writes in the notebook “leave or die” then you p*zdets, I do not advise you to take these words as a joke:)

Tripod/Video – Camera-video Cameras can be placed in the Ghost’s room to detect a ghostly aura(Or if there is no aura, you can watch the Ghost turn on and off the light). You can also buy a tripod and put a camera on it, and know that for a tripod with a camera, you will need 2 free slots in your inventory, out of 3.

UV flashlight/Neon stick – These items will help you search for prints to mark them as evidence. Prints should be found on doors (most often found on them), on light switches and on Windows.

P. S If you spilled salt and the Ghost stepped on it, it is not considered as evidence, it just proves that the Ghost is in this room.

Thermometer – Quite a useful item helps you find the place where the Ghost lives. It is advised to purchase as soon as possible.

Thermometer reading:

  1. 11 – 20 °C means nothing
  2. 0-10 °C: it may mean that a Ghost lives in the room, BUT this DOES not COUNT as EVIDENCE
  3. All sub-zero temperature – EVIDENCE at which there is STEAM from the mouth.

Task: find a room with a temperature below zero is performed even in the second range, i.e. if the temperature is <10 °C!

The crucifixion – To scare away the ghosts that they are unable to begin the hunt.

Many people try to use it while holding it in their hand, but it doesn’t work. (If you want to know the exact secret of its work, see my other guide dedicated to this particular subject).

Sedative – These pills are needed to increase your sanity points. They are a recommended tool for exploring large locations: Schools, Hospitals; and for using the Ouija Board.

It is advised to immediately buy a maximum of 4 pieces.(Don’t eat too much, or the Ghost will be afraid of how reasonable you are.)

Incense – Incense is used to reduce the Ghost’s activity for a while.

They can also be used during the Ghost hunt to knock it off the target and buy extra time to escape.

Incense will light up if you have a lighter in your inventory.(Just don’t burn the Ghost.)

The camera is Probably the most useful and necessary thing in this game because they can take pictures not only of ghosts.

The camera is used for shooting various paranormal phenomena, for which you can get bucks. The most obvious thing is to take a picture of the Ghost itself, but you can also take a picture of:

  1. Prints
  2. Dirty water
  3. Notepad Entries
  4. Beeping EMF
  5. Bones (do not forget to pick it up, there is an additional fee for This)
  6. A friend who was raped by a Ghost

Camera mounted on the head – This device will help if you have a date with a Ghost alone. One player puts on a camera, and the others look through the camera in the van(Somewhere I’ve seen this before). But keep in mind that due to out-of-sync, the camera may show a bit more to the right than the player is looking at.

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