Phasmophobia – Useful Tips

I would like to share with you some useful tips that you might not know about.

Ouija Board

  • By asking the ghost various questions on the Ouija board, you risk not only losing your mind, but also angering the ghost. If you ask the ghost a specific question, he will not like it. But how to understand that he did not like him? It is very simple, if you asked a question to a ghost, and the ouija board turned off or the chandelier began to blink, it means that he did not like it, and, perhaps, the ghost start hunting.


  • If you are playing with your friends and their minds are much larger than yours, by the time the hunt begins, chances are high that the ghost is attacking you. So watch your sanity closely, otherwise the ghost will kill you and you will lose all your equipment.

Emp Sensor

  • If a ghost opens a door, it doesn’t always mean that it really is a ghost room, especially the fact that on a professional level, the ghost begins to move around the map as soon as the front door opens. But at the middle level, the ghost remains in the room until the timer goes off. level 3 on emp scales may already indicate that this is a room with a ghost, the third scale appears if the ghost teleports in the room. You will be more alert now:)


  • Subzero temperatures can now spread beyond the ghost room, so the thermometer can no longer give any guarantees.


  • Many people mistakenly consider incense to be almost a weapon against ghosts, with the help of it you can postpone the hunt phase for only 180 seconds for the spirit and for 90 seconds for all other ghosts, as well as seal the ghost in the room for the same 90 seconds, but only if it really is is in this room. But after the effect has passed, the ghost can immediately start hunting.

Hunting Phase

  • The hunting phase lasts 25 seconds on the easy difficulty level, 35 seconds on the average, and 50 seconds on the professional one. After the end of the hunting phase, the ghost always returns to his room. (I took all the information from the code for the game)

How to Identify a Ghost Easily

  • Yurey – Enough 5 minutes in the room for your sanity to drop to 20-30%.
  • Jinn – Interacts with electronics. A ringing phone, a working radio, etc. is all he loves to do, he tries to keep the lights on at all times, so use that against him.
  • Oni – They are a dramatic increase in activity when there are more than two players in the room. As well as fast movement of objects.
  • Demon – Can hunt even before the timer expires, he is also extremely chatty.
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