New World – Character Stats Explained

Character Attributes are stats that you can increase for your character by allocating stat points and equipping gear with stat bonuses. This guide will show you a list of all attributes for your character, which weapons they affect, and their respective threshold bonuses!

Definitive Guide to Character Attributes

Attributes, Thresholds and Bonuses

Every player character in New World has access to 5 core attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. These attributes each offer different benefits, and can be levelled up either by assigning points to them whenever you reach a new character level, or by equipping certain gear which give you attribute point bonuses. After you reach the New World level cap, you can only get attribute points from gear.

With the exception of Constitution, each of the attributes affects the damage you deal with certain weapon types. Some weapons scale only with a single attribute, but most weapon types have a primary attribute and a secondary attribute which both work together to influence the damage you deal.

In addition, each attribute has 6 threshold bonuses which you unlock after you reach certain levels in that attribute. you will gain 2 stat bonuses. One of the bonuses will help you in combat, while the second bonus will help you outside of combat (harvesting, mining, fishing, etc.).

You can choose to respec in New World from the Character Attributes menu in-game (hotkey by default is “K”). Respeccing gives you back all your attribute points to reinvest across the 5 attributes. Until you hit level 20, respeccing is free; after level 20, it costs Coin, and the amount increases the higher your level.

List of Attributes


Strength determines the damage you deal primarily with two-handed weapons, though the damage of one-handed weapons like the Hatchet and Sword also increase with this.

This is particularly important for heavy weapons, namely the Great Axe and the War Hammer since they rely solely on Strength for damage. Those who play as Tanks or prefer slow attacks that deal massive damage should prioritize this.

Affected Weapons:

  • Great Axe (Strength only).
  • War Hammer (Strength only).
  • Hatchet (Strength and Dexterity).
  • Sword (Strength and Dexterity).
  • Spear (Dexterity and Strength).

Threshold Bonuses:

Points – Bonus

  • 50 – +5% Damage to melee weapon light attacks; +10% mining speed.
  • 100 – +10% damage to melee weapon heavy attacks; +20 encumbrance.
  • 150 – +50% stamina damage from melee weapon light and heavy attacks; -10% decrease in weight of mined items.
  • 200 – +10% damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies; +10% mining speed.
  • 250 – Stamina regen is faster while performing light and heavy attacks with a melee weapon; +10% yield increase when mining.
  • 300 – Light and heavy attacks with a melee weapon gain GRIT; 25% chance to mine an ore with a single swing.


Dexterity determines the damage you deal with ranged and one-handed weapons.

Prioritize this if you prefer ranged combat or swift attacks with light weapons. You may rely a lot more on evasion compared to simply taking damage or blocking attacks.

Affected Weapons:

  • Bow (Dexterity only).
  • Rapier (Dexterity and Intelligence).
  • Musket (Dexterity and Intelligence).
  • Spear (Dexterity and Strength).
  • Hatchet (Strength and Dexterity).
  • Sword (Strength and Dexterity).

Threshold Bonuses:

Points – Bonus

  • 50 – +5% chance to critical hit; +10% skinning speed.
  • 100 – +5% thrust damage; +20% haste for 3s after skinning.
  • 150 – Dodges cost 10 less stamina; -10% decrease in weight of skinned items.
  • 200 – +10% bonus backstab and headshot damage; +10% skinning speed.
  • 250 – +10% bonus critical hit damage on stunned, slowed, or rooted enemies; +10% yield increase when skinning.
  • 300 – Guaranteed critical hit after a dodge roll (can only trigger once every 10 seconds); Ammo has 15% chance of being returned.


Intelligence determines your power when wielding magic weapons such as the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet.

If you like casting spells and playing as a Mage, this is the attribute you’ll want to increase.

Affected Weapons:

  • Fire Staff (Intelligence only).
  • Ice Gauntlet (Intelligence only).
  • Rapier (Dexterity and Intelligence).
  • Musket (Dexterity and Intelligence).

Threshold Bonuses:

Points – Bonus

  • 50 – +10% damage to light and heavy magic attacks; +10% harvest speed.
  • 100 – +10% critical hit damage; 5% chance for 1 azoth when harvesting.
  • 150 – +15% to elemental damage; -10% decrease in weight of harvested items.
  • 200 – +10 mana after a dodge; +10% harvest speed.
  • 250 – +30% duration to damage over time spells; +10% yield increase when harvesting.
  • 300 – +30% damage on first hit on full health targer; -10% reduction in Azoth travel cost.


Focus determines the cooldown time of your abilities and how quickly your mana regenerates. It also affects how much healing or shielding you can do with a Life Staff.

Similar to Intelligence, those who prefer spellcasting will want to level this up to cast abilities more frequently.

Affected Weapons:

  • Life Staff (Focus only)

Threshold Bonuses:

Points – Bonus

  • 50 – +10% mana regen rate; +10% fishing line tension.
  • 100 – +20 to mana pool; +10% yield increase when salvaging.
  • 150 – +20% healing output; -10% decrease carry weight of fish.
  • 200 – +20% duration on casted buffs; +10% fishing line tension.
  • 250 – +30 mana on any self or group kill; +10% increase to caught fish size.
  • 300 – When your mana hits zero, gain 200% mana regen for 10s (60s cooldown); -10% cooldown reduction for Inn fast travel.


Constitution determines your overall Health pool.

It’s best to continuously increase this if you are playing as a Tank. For other playstyles, this will be situational depending on how your combat goes.

Threshold Bonuses:

Points – Bonus

  • 50 – All health consumables 20% stronger; +10% logging speed.
  • 100 – Increase max health by 10% of your physical armor; -10% reduction on durability loss for tools.
  • 150 – -10% to crit damage taken; -10% decrease in weight of logging items.
  • 200 – +20% increase armor; +10% Logging speed.
  • 250 – -80% damage reduction when full health (60s cooldown); +10% yield increase when logging.
  • 300 – +20% duration of stun, slow, and root spells; 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing.
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