Gladiator Guild Manager – Berserker Class Attributes Guide

A quick summary on what the different attributes do for a berserker class and some key milestones and rough guidance.

Guide to Berserker Class Attributes


From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT


The Berserker is a more offensive minded melee gladiator with a very mixed bag of attribute effects. When starting with default settings it is unlocked from the beginning.

The Berserker can deal good damage in melee, but with his 2 seperate melee ranges becomes more tricky to skill and utilize properly. Special attention should be paid to his Kick ability, which can knock enemies down.

Surprisingly, the Berserker ends as a quite versatile character, who does not really excel at anything though. It can do a lot, but has troubles doing anything perfectly.

Defensively he only has a weak Weapon Block, which means you probably want some other character like a Knight to take the beating instead of having the Berserker hold the front line alone.


Long Axe Attack

A melee attack that only works in a rather tight range band, as it has a significant minimum range. Damage wise this is probably one of the most devestating attacks in the game, getting a whopping 10 damage per STR point!

  • Damage: 10 STR + 2 AGI
  • Execution Time: 0.9 – 0.003* AGI, caps at 0.5
  • Cooldown: 1.5 – 0.05 INT, caps at 0.5


A melee attack that compliments Long Axe Attack, by working inside its minimum range. Sadly it has flipped damage attributes, making things really complicated. While less damage than the axe, it is still a good attack.

  • Damage: 7 AGI + 3 STR
  • Execution Time: 1.0 – 0.004 * AGI, caps at 0.5
  • Cooldown: 0.9 – 0.02 INT, caps at 0.5


A true gem in the Berserkers arsenal. Yes you don’t use this for the damage. But the knockdown is crucial, because people on the floor don’t hit you back. Oh, and did I mention it kicks the opponent back into Long Axe Attack range? Yeah, this can be really nice! But there is a significant cooldown, so this remains a support skill. There are better gladiators if you look for perma knock down. (e.g. Marauder)

  • Damage: 2 AGI
  • Knockdown time: 1.5 + 0.018 * AGI, caps at 4
  • Execution Time: 0.8 – 0.004 * AGI, caps at 0.3
  • Cooldown: 10 – 0.208 INT, caps at 5

Weapon Block

This is really a poor mans block. Blocks only melee damage and has some (for a melee character) weak scaling. Consider it nice to have, but you shouldn’t lose sleep over this one.

  • Damage blocked (M): 15 + 2 AGI
  • Cooldown: 1.2 – 0.063 INT, caps at 0.25

Effects by Attribute


  • 10 Long Axe Attack damage
  • 3 Punch damage


  • 2 Long Axe Attack damage
  • -0.003 Long Axe Attack execution time (caps at 133 AGI, +80% improvement)
  • 7 Punch damage
  • -0.004 Punch execution time (caps at 125 AGI, +100% improvement)
  • 2 Kick damage
  • +0.018 Kick knockdown time (caps at 139 AGI, +166% improvement)
  • -0.004 Kick execution time (caps at 125 AGI, +166% improvement)
  • 2 Weapon Block damage blocked (M)


  • -0.05 Long Axe Attack cooldown (caps at 20 INT, +200% improvement)
  • -0.002 Punch cooldown (caps at 20 INT + 80% improvement)
  • -0.208 Kick cooldown (caps at 24 INT, +100% improvement)
  • -0.063 Weapon block cooldown (caps at 15 INT + 380% improvement)


Statting a Berserker is probably the most tricky task when looking at the early characters. The main reason lies in those 2 melee attacks with flipped damage attributes. It is really tempting to go for those huge Large Axe Attack hits by going deep into STR, but then you realize you only get one per enemy usually, and the remaining attacks are all Punches.

Since Long Axe Attack is the only skill where STR really plays a role, while AGI has a ton of effects, even though none of those may really stand out, I still end up with highly favoring AGI over STR. Over a full battle, at least imho, this leads to better and more reliable results.

INT is less of a discussion, you certainly want your character to at least enough INT, so your execution time is not less than your cooldown on Punch. I usually just go to 24 for the Kick cooldown, as I value knockdowns highly and you are nearly there anyway.

Though it is important to notice that this is not such a straight attribute rush to 24 INT as it is with other characters.

So, AGI > STR, 24 INT, why did I call it tricky? Because we aren’t done yet. As a melee front liner you need a good amount of HP, especially as your Weapon Block barely helps against melee and not at all vs anything else. You also probably don’t want to fool around with 13 movement speed all game, as you need some gap closing capabilties. And lastly, when you stat fully in AGI, you are going to also require quite a bit of Stamina to keep your rage flowing. Balancing all this ends up as a tricky affair.

I personally usually aim for a movement speed at around 20-22. You don’t need this super early, when you only fight 2-4 characters, but should have it by about level 6. At least one point per level up goes into Health, depending on what items you have. If you get more Health from items, this may suffice, otherwise 2 points per level up may be necessary. Add a point in Stamina per level up on the later levels and not much remains.


  • 1-2 points per levelup in Health, depending on items.
  • Get to around 20 Movement speed between level 4 and 6.
  • Either aim for around INT 18 or INT 24, but don’t rush it.
  • Later levels you want to keep up with Stamina.
  • Everything else (~2 points per level) into AGI.
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