Gladiator Guild Manager – How to Beat 1 VS Few (Early Game Tips)

Here you can find some useful tips to beat 1 vs few battle.

Guide to Beat 1 VS Few

Important! Upgrade your barrack so you can equip more defensive items and have a potion equipped too.

Put the unit that can best fight the enemy.

  • Knight > Archer > Berserker > Knight etc.

That unit suppose to have higher level than enemy. So if you play permanent death mode so for you is like +3 level from all of them (they have 3 unit lv1 so your unit will be lv 6).


Make enemy teams that do not counter every type of unit. For instance you could win against 10 if they are all Berserker orcs so you have some unit that counters them.

At every point health is the most important thing. Time to kill feels way too low in general, units are prone to just getting instantly deleted.

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