Gladiator Guild Manager – Archer Class Attributes Guide

A short guide on what the different attributes do for an archer class and some key milestones and rough guidance.

Guide to Archer Class Attributes


From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT


The Archer is probably the best single target damage dealer in the game! When starting with default settings it is unlocked from the beginning.

Most players consider the Archer to be the back bone of your Gladiator party. It’s extremely high damage output combined with the ability to quickly pick off ranged/support characters can quickly decide most battles in your favor. Just remember to change your targeting priorities accordingly!

While it’s Dodge skill may not have the most overwhelming stat growth, it aligns nicely attribute wise and can easily save a bunch of points in Health.

Oh, and I shouldn’t have to mention this, but…: Don’t get into Melee.

Bonus tipp: Enemy Mana Assassins love to go for your Archers, and once they pop out of stealth, your archers are locked in melee and look like fools. You can’t target them directly, BUT if you position yourself correctly and target an enemy so that the Mana Assassin is right between you and the enemy, you will nuke the Assassin even while it is stealthed and coming for you.


Shoot Arrow

Shoot Arrow shoots an Arrow. A single target high DPS skill with infinite range, which initially can miss, but this quickly becomes a thing of the past.

  • Damage: 25 + 5 STR + 3.5 AGI
  • Accuracy: 80% + 0.444% * AGI, caps at 100%
  • Execution Time: 1.1 – 0.007 * AGI, caps at 0.3
  • Cooldown: 0.6 – 0.007 INT, caps at 0.5

Melee Attack

You don’t want to be in melee. I was considering not even mentioning this skill, because it may confuse some people into believing that they should pay attention how to improve it. You can improve it by not getting into melee. Period!

  • Damage: 1.1 STR
  • Execution Time: 1.0 – 0.005 * AGI, caps at 0.4
  • Cooldown: 1.2 – 0.033 INT, caps at 0.7


Allows to block some melee and ranged damage. It scales extremely slow compared to other classes damage mitigation but since you get it basically for free it is still a nice addition to save you a bunch of points in Health, so you survive a few stray hits.

  • Damage blocked (M/R): 15 + 1.1 AGI
  • Cooldown: 2 – 0.073 INT, caps at 0.25

Effects by Attribute


  • 5 Shoot Arrow damage
  • 1.1 Melee Attack damage


  • 3.5 Shoot Arrow damage
  • 0.444% Shoot Arrow accuracy (caps at 45 AGI, +25% improvement)
  • -0.007 Shoot Arrow execution time (caps at 115 AGI, +266% improvement)
  • -0.005 Melee Attack execution time (caps at 120 AGI, +150% improvement)
  • 1.1 Dodge damage blocked (M/R)


  • -0.007 Shoot Arrow cooldown (caps at 14 INT, +20% improvement)
  • -0.033 Melee Attack cooldown (caps at 15 INT, +71% improvement)
  • -0.073 Dodge cooldown (caps at 24 INT + 700% improvement)


  • Archers look very straightforward, until you overthink them, then you believe they are tricky and then in the end, they become easy again.
  • Your biggest priority is to reach 45 AGI asap. You really want to have 100% accuracy, because nothing sucks more than missing your first arrow on an enemy ranged gladiator, getting shot in the face by him and being dead. You want to always hit! So 45 AGI, then let’s see what else we need.
  • You can ignore Movement Speed, unless you plan some party without any melee and you want to kite enemies around. But not sure that is the smartest of all plans.
  • With Health you should just judge your battles. It is useful to be able to survive one shot of an enemy. So if you feel like you get shot down right at battle start, add some Health. You probably don’t want more, because it is more efficient to just make sure the opponent doesn’t shoot twice at you by adding more damage on your side. (And making sure to target ranged enemies first…)
  • Stamina is more interesting. My personal minimum is enough Stamina to fire 4 shots, sometimes I aim for 5. Especially later when you fire really fast, this doesn’t last long, but at the same time, it is more important to quickly knock out enemies with the first shots to win those shootout situations. Sustained damage later on is nice, but worth nothing if you can’t win that shootout. But especially bonus Stamina from items is always welcome for me.
  • So this brings us back to STR/AGI/INT after the 45 AGI milestone.
  • Since I already discussed the importance of winning shootouts, I prefer AGI here, since you shoot faster, as this also lets you fight situation where the opponent has more ranged gladiators than you do. Straight up STR might give you a bit more dmg per hit, but the speed can really help you out, even if it reduces your Stamina efficiency oh so slightly.
  • So should you go al the way to 114 AGI to minimize your execution time of Shoot Arrow? Nope. Since your cooldown of Shoot Arrow is 0.5 sec at best, there is no point in trying to get faster. And at this point STR becomes simply better by adding more damage (and while the dodge from AGI is nice, it should be considered a bonus, nothing more)
  • So what you really need is 86 AGI. Just pay attention that once you have more than 72 AGI, you may also have to add a few points to INT (up to 14) to reduce your cooldwon on Shoot Arrow from 0.6 to 0.5.
  • Once this is reached you can maximize your damage by pumping the rest in STR.
  • You might get tempted to get to INT 24, because it looks like such a great improvement on your dodge cooldown, but unlike with melee chars getting hit that fast in succession is rather unlikely for a ranged char, so this benefit rarely every helps you, so I wouldn’t aim for this.


  • Get 45 AGI asap.
  • Get as much Health and Stamina as required.
  • Get to 86 AGI and 14 INT, then dump the rest in STR.
  • Alternative: get to 72 AGI, then dump the rest in STR.
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