Gladiator Guild Manager – The Gladiator Attribute Guide

A quick explanatory guide on what the different attributes do.

Guide to Attributes


Attributes are the core of every gladiator and their values determine the power of your gladiator. Every levelup allows the player to increase those attributes 5 times and all ordinary items and consumables also modify those attributes.

So let’s have a quick look at the available attributes:

Strength, Agility, Intelligence

The core attributes. What do they do? By themselves they do absolutely nothing! But still they are the most valuable stats your gladiator have. When looking at the skills of your gladiator, try hovering over any number that has a slight grey background. Now you can see which attribute influences those numbers in what way. And as this confuses many players, this guide aims to bring some light into the details here.

Each attribute point adds 2 Strength/Agility/Intelligence!


Straight forward: How much OOMPH your gladiator can suffer before (s)he passes out (or dies, if you play perma death…). Obviously front liners require more than back liners. But even those may catch some stray arrows, so don’t forget this entirely.

Each attribute point adds 60 Health!


Most skills (including all attacks) have a Stamina cost. And when your gladiator has not enough stamina, (s)he most likely will just stand around and do nothing. Stamina regenerates slowly (some traits accelerate it though). Since the stamina cost of your skill rises as you level up, always keep an eye on the ratio between your max stamina and the stamina required for your skills. Alternatively look closely during battle on what your gladiators do. If you catch them napping, you should probably add some more points of stamina.

Each attribute point adds 30 Stamina!


How quick your character zooms around the battlefield. A tank just standing in front probably doesn’t need much. Some Worg who should hunt down backliners probably needs a good amount. And most ranged chars don’t need any, unless you have no frontline and want them to kite your enemies. But don’t expect this to go too well…

Each attribute point adds 2 Movement!

Fundamentals and the Goal of This Guide

In this guide, we will mostly have a look at what Strength/Agility/Intelligence do for your characters.

Health, Stamina and Movement are more universal and I trust your own judgement to decide how much you really need of those.

From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT

Generally, there are two kinds of effects an attribute can have:

Uncapped effects

More is better. Even more is even better.The easiest example for this is damage. So each point of STR raises the damage of Berserker’s Long Axe attack damage by 10 points. And if you have 1.000 STR, you get 10.000 damage from it. Great!

Capped effects

More is better, but there is a limit. And even more doesn’t help you any further. To stick with the example of Berserker’s Long Axe Attack, let’s have a look at its cooldown. Each point of INT reduces it by 0.05 sec. The value starts at 1.5 sec, but there is a minimum of 0.5 sec cooldown. So having more than 20 INT does not help you any further.

A general observation is, that uncapped effects usually have diminishing returns (in a relative sense). When your Long Axe Attack deals 100 damage and you add 10 STR, you effectively double your damage. Do you add another 10 STR, you only raise your damage by another 50%.

On contrary, most capped effects actually have increasing returns. So if your cooldown of Long Axe Attack is 1.5 sec (this would require INT 0, but w/e), adding 10 INT would bring the cooldown to 1 sec and effectively allow you 50% more attacks in the same time. But adding another 10 INT would result in a cooldown of 0.5 sec, thus doubling your potential attacks / time.

This is also the reason why it is important to pay attention to those key limits of your attributes! You may want to hit them, but there is no point in overshooting them!

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