Gladiator Guild Manager – Marauder Class Attributes Guide

A short guide on what the different attributes do for a marauder class and some key milestones and rough guidance.

Guide to Marauder Class Attributes


From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT


The Marauder is a melee character who brings an extremely powerful knockdown to your party. The Marauder can’t be hired from the regular Gladiator Market, but is available via a mid game quest. He belongs to the Tavern building, which you start with on default settings.

It is impossible to look at the Marauder without comparing him to the Knight.

The damage ends up a notch above the Knight, while his Shield Block is a tad weaker. But where he really shines is his knock down ability.

You can perma knock down any enemy (as long as you have stamina…) which can really solve those battle configurations where you face one overleveled enemy + some weaker ones.


Melee Attack

This skill is as spectacular as its name. Just hit the guy next to you with a sword hammer. Yeah, I copied this from the Knight. It is also very similar, with slightly reduced damage (6.5/AGI instead of 7), but since it has a lower cooldown, still some more DPS.

  • Damage: 6.5 AGI + 2 STR.
  • Execution Time: 0.9 – 0.004 AGI, caps at 0.5.
  • Cooldown: 0.8 – 0.04 INT, caps at 0.5.

Shield Block

Yeah, again, like the Knight. If your forgot what the skill does and why it is really damn good read it up there! Just a bit weaker (6/STR instead of 7 and the Knight also gains from AGI)

Important to note: The Marauder needs significantly more INT to reach min block cooldown. But this won’t be such big of an issue as we will see later.

  • Damage blocked (M/R/A): 20 + 6 STR.
  • Cooldown: 1 – 0.023 INT, caps at 0.15.

Shield Bash

You hit a guy with your shield, he gets to sit in the sand for a while. This starts out as an absolute garbage skill, where you stun for 1 second every 14 seconds. Why am I making such a fuzz about it?

Because ~35 INT later you suddenly stun for 4 seconds. Every 4 seconds. “Sit down, I said! No, don’t get up, sit down again! Won’t you even try to do something else!”

  • Damage: 1 STR.
  • Knockdown: 14 – 0.267 INT, caps at 4.
  • Execution Time: 0.8 – 0.007 AGI, caps at 0.2.
  • Cooldown: 14 – 0.267 INT, caps at 4.

Effects by Attribute


  • 2 Melee Attack damage.
  • 6 Shield Block damage blocked (M/R/A).
  • 1 Shield Bash damage.


  • 6.5 Melee Attack damage.
  • -0.002 Melee Attack execution time (caps at 100 AGI, +80% improvement).
  • -0.007 Shield Bash execution time (caps at 85 AGI, +300% improvement).


  • -0.008 Melee Attack cooldown (caps at 37 INT, +60% improvement).
  • -0.023 Shield Blockcooldown (caps at 37 INT + 566% improvement).
  • 0.1 Shield Block knockdown(caps at 30 INT + 300% improvement).
  • -0.267 Shield Bashcooldown (caps at 37 INT + 350% improvement).


  • This time I’ve spoiled everything already.
  • You get 37 INT. ASAP. Give him every INT item you can find. This is all that matters.
  • If you don’t have INT, the Marauder is just a worse Knight. Once you have the INT, he becomes a knock down machine and he is absolutely great at it.
  • And as if some game designer planned this, this also causes your Marauder to hit all other cool down caps for your Attack and Block.
  • But now, you have a decision to make. And this decision is mostly based around: Do you have someone else to tank for your marauder or not (like… a Knight…).
  • If you are very sure your Marauder won’t get much punishment, you can stat him for damage, which means AGI. What is important to consider here: AGI means more attacks -> more Stamina spent -> you run quicker out of Stam -> this can interrupt your wonderful stun chain.
  • The alternative is everything into STR, so your Marauder becomes a Knight lite as a front tank. Keep this guy in front of you down, while shrugging off whatever comes at you. Though, this is not without downside either: Since usually you want a specific enemy to be stunned, you would prefer to face him 1on1, so you don’t accidentally bash the wrong guy… This kinda conflicts with the tank role, where you usually bind a number of opponents.
  • Or you are undecided and just stat something in between. Then again, this is all not what your bought the Marauder for. In the end it is important to make sure your Stamina never runs out and some movement speed (like about 25) also helps to quickly close any gap, so that lvl 40 leader of the enemy gang doesn’t do bad things before he eats sand.


  • 37 INT, asap (use items while you haven’t reached it!).
  • More Stamina than usual, because you really don’t want to run out it.
  • About 25 Move Speed.
  • Some mix of STR and DEX, depending if you want more defense or offense.
  • Enough Health to survive, as usual (though STR helps a lot with that).
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