Growing Up – Alex Beaufort Character Walkthrough (with Good Ending)

An ongoing guide on how to get good ends and how your choices affect your relationships.

Alex Beaufort Complete Walkthrough

Character Walkthrough

You’ll meet Alex in Elementary school, when you’re around 5 years old. She’s introduced as the “scruffy girl” alongside Joseph.

  1. In your first scene, when asked what to play, here are your choices:


Everybody will proclaim they love superheroes.


Alex will be slightly annoyed and say why do they always have to be men?

You unlock the School Entrance as a new visitable location.

  1. Your second scene will be the next day. Alex wants to save you and Joseph this time. Here are your choices:

->The girl can be the hero

Alex is pleased and you play the game.

->Save the other kid first

Alex will comment how brave you are.

You all have a great time!

  1. Your third scene is the day after. Sam throws a pebble at you. Here are your choices:

->Play along

Alex is pleased with your response. Her competitive nature starts to come out.

->Ask about parents

Her embarrassment comes out and she says that her parents work at a bank (totally not true).

  1. Your fourth scene is the day after, in the classroom. Here are your choices:

->Go to the sports hall

You go to the sports hall where a bunch of boys are playing soccer. They won’t let you join so Alex kicks a ball square into somebody’s face.

->Defend Alex

Because why wouldn’t you? Lol.

You unlock the Gym and Library as new visitable locations.

  1. Your fifth scene is the day after, at the park with Alex and Joseph. Here are your choices:

->Let’s jump!

Alex DARES you to jump.

->Do it!

You go in order of height, Joseph going first. He begins to drown!

->Help the boy

Of course you help the boy, don’t wait for a teacher!!

You unlock Ghost Water Park as a new visitable location.

  1. Your sixth scene is the day after. You’re getting yelled at by the teacher for your river jumping shenanigans. Here are your choices:

->Stay quiet

You’re no snitch! But Alex gives herself up.

->Agree with Alex

Competition is fun for Alex and most of her “good” choices will be focused around encouraging competitive behaviour.

  1. Your seventh scene is the end of elementary school. Alex sprained her ankle! Here are your choices:


She didn’t make it across the river! What a crazy kid for trying.

->Agree to race Alex

Of course she’s still competitive and wants to race despite her ankle.

  1. Your eighth scene is by the second week of middle school. You get bumped into by a scruffy looking kid. Here are your choices:

->Stay calm

She apologizes and recognizes you.

->It’s Alex!

Always been Alex.

You unlock the Corridor as a new visitable location.

  1. Your ninth scene is about two days later. You and Alex go to the arcade. Here are your choices:

->The Ship

You’re glad you didn’t choose Space Sheep because she is top of the leaderboard and would’ve kicked your butt.

->Play to win

You’re no wimp, you play for keeps.

You unlock Starcade 80 as a new visitable location.

  1. In your tenth scene, you meet Alex in the corridor. She’s upset because BTY knocked her off the top spot for Space Sheep. Here are your choices:

->Go to the mall

You go to the mall and proceed to crush her at bowling. She’s sad but you gotta make your choice.

->Bring it home

Alex never wants you to take it easy on her.

->High five

  1. In your eleventh scene, you’re racing Alex. Here are your choices:

->Stay with Alex

Finishing a race that your competitor can’t run would be pretty crummy. Alex treats you to burgers.

  1. In your twelfth scene, you take homework to an absent Alex. Here are your choices:

->You head in

You find out she lives at the carnival! You’re greeted by her mom and find out she played hooky. Oops. Don’t worry, you bail her out.

You unlock Funtasy Carnival as a new visitable location.

  1. In your thirteenth scene, you eat lunch with Alex at the sports field. Here are your choices:

->It’s cool!

Honestly I do think living in a carnival would be very cool.

  1. In your fourteenth scene, you meet Alex at the arcade. Here are your choices.

->Go to Space Sheep

She’s frustrated because a player named BTY kicked her off the first page of the leaderboard.

->Big Talking Yak

This gets a huge laugh out of her.

->Let’s beat this guy!

Because of course, she’s Alex, competitive spirit and all.

  1. In your fifteenth scene, you meet Alex at the carnival. Here are your choices:


You have fun riding the rollercoaster.

->Shooting Gallery

I like this choice because you meet the infamous Shane A.K.A. BTY and Alex shuts him up with a well timed shot.

  1. In your sixteenth scene, you and Alex start high school. Or…. were supposed to but she’s not here. Here are your choices:

->Look for Alex


She’s not at school….

You unlock Lobby as a new visitable location.

  1. In your seventeenth scene, your teacher notes that Alex is absent again. Here are your choices:

->Ask about Alex

Your teacher can’t give out personal info.


You have a bad feeling about this.

  1. In your eighteenth scene, you look for Alex at the arcade. But she’s not here. Here are your choices:

->Check Space Sheep

BTY is #1 and ALX is #2. She hasn’t been here.

->Purple sheep

It was her favorite sheep so you hope it’ll bring you luck but you still get destroyed.

  1. In your nineteenth scene, you look for Alex at the carnival. Here are your choices:

->Shooting Gallery

You wonder if you could ask Shane where Alex is. But he’s not there? Alex’s mom finds you and tells you that she’s in the hospital.

->Visit Alex

Alex’s mom thanks you.

  1. In your twentieth scene, you find Alex at the hospital. Here are your choices:

->Say hello

She says hi and tells you that Shane AKA Mr. BTY is in the hospital because of a dare she gave him.

->Ask about the dares

You ask her why she likes dares so much. She can’t help it, it’s her nature.

You unlock the Hospital as a new visitable location.

  1. In your twenty-first scene, Alex is finally in class! Here are your choices:

->Just friends

You and Alex are the bestest of best friends.

->In love with Alex

I’ve never romanced Alex, so it’d be great if somebody who has could fill this in!

  1. In your twenty-second and last scene, Alex has a lot of work to catch up on. Here are your choices:

->Offer help

The one with the lowest GPA buys burgers! That gets her interest.

->Go to the arcade

She was thinking the exact same thing. You’re thankful to have her in your life.

Good end: She buys the arcade and names it “Alex’s Arcade”

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  1. I’m currently gunna try and romance Alex with my male character, and instead of giving her a high five I did the hug option at the bowling alley. Then when they talked in the next bit on the sports field, after talking about where Alex lives I had the option to hold her hand! I went for it… and she smiled and said “bet I can squeeze your hand harder.” Hopefully this is all a good sign!

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