Growing Up – Felicity Browers (Flick) Character Walkthrough (with Good Ending)

An ongoing guide on how to get good ends and how your choices affect your relationships.

Felicity Browers A.K.A. Flick Complete Walkthrough

Character Walkthrough

  1. In your first scene, Coach yells at you to go look for Felicity. Here are your choices:
  • Agree

You find her in the bathroom, a little out of it.

  • Tell her Coach sent you

She says that he worries too much, she has a pretty weak stomach.

  • Make fun of Coach

You unlock the Bathroom as a new visitable location.

  1. In your second scene, Flick invites you to grab a bite. Here are your choices:
  • Get something to eat

You go to the diner where she rants about her mom, Chatty Cathy.

  • Ask about brother

She talks about her brother, Humphrey. She then notes that she hardly knows you and she’s dumping all this heavy stuff.

  • Let her go on

You let her complain. She seems like she needs it.

  1. In your third scene, you go to the food court with Flick. Here are your choices:
  • Complain

A friendship is reciprocal.

  • Ask about cheerleading

She loves it. She tried to quit but her mom wouldn’t let her though.

  • Ask her to stay

She tells you it’s about her brother and she needs to go.

  1. Your fourth scene is almost immediately after. Flick catches you at the school entrance and is in distress. Here are your choices:
  • Just let her rant

She hates fake people. Fake people are ruining her life. She asks if you’re real.

  • Hug her

She calms down and hugs you back.

  1. In your fifth scene, you’re back at the diner. Here are your choices:
  • Ask her why she doesn’t eat

She says it was to stay light for flying.

  • Maybe it was fate

Don’t push her at this point.

  • Talk about the future

She wants a lot of kids. She wants the good, the bad, she wants to have a big family.

  • Admit you love kids.
  1. In your sixth scene, Flick calls you to the hospital. Here are your choices:
  • Just hold her

It’s her brother. He needs a whole new heart.

  • Take care of yourself

It’s sad but in order to take care of somebody you need to also take care of yourself, Flick.

Note: If you choose Take care of her brother, you will get a neutral ending that honestly seems more like a bad end.

  1. In your seventh scene, you’re at the diner again. Here are your choices:
  • Agree with her

You joke that she’s the mean girl. She says she likes hanging out with you.

  • Ask about her parents

Her mom wanted to take her and her brother on the road, but Flick talked her out of it.

  1. In your eighth scene, you notice that Flick is missing and she won’t answer her phone. You find her at the hospital.

There are no choices, her brother is gone and she cries for a long time until she runs off.

  1. In your ninth and last scene, you get deja vu all over again. Here are your choices.
  • Go look for Felicity

Of course you’ll go look for your friend.

  • Go inside

She was angry at you, at herself, at everybody. Processing grief after somebody dies is hard, Flick.

  • You were wrong

Of course you wanted to talk to her, and you’ll be friends forever.

Good end: She has to deal with her survival guilt but she gets over it. Unfortunately her marriage doesn’t work out but you’ve always been there for her.

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