Growing Up – Relationship Scenes Guide

As I’m exploring the game, I want to see the different outcomes for NPCs. As I’m taking notes, I thought it might be nice to share them.

Ultimate Guide to Relationship Scenes


General Information

Alex is straight, so pursuing a relationship as a girl will not succeed.

First meeting: Elementary school

  • Interact with her, but don’t go to the gym, do something else instead. Go race her.
  • When at the park, encourage the river jump until it happens. Jump in after Joseph to save him.
  • When confronted by the teacher, do not tell on Alex and later agree that Joseph had fun.

Middle school:

  • Get aggressive when she runs into you and call her Alex

In all the following “challenge” interactions, don’t let her win. Always try your hardest.

  • Pick space sheep at the arcade.
  • During the race, help her over the finish line.
  • When bringing her homework, don’t enter the carnival – Go look around. You cover for her instead of telling on her.
  • Later admit you were surprised about here living there, but that it’s cool.
  • When in the arcade, go to space sheep and tell Alex to go beat BTY.
  • At the carnival, go to the shooting gallery.

High school:

Alex is missing. Go look for her. When you find her after some scenes:

  • Hug her
  • Ask about the dare

-> As I was playing a girl, I told her we were just friends. Needs confirmation: Start relationship here as a boy?

Later you meet her and she has school trouble. Offer her help, becoming her studying rival and go to the Arcade with her.


Staying friends endings:

She buys the arcade, renaming it “Alex Arcade”.

Loosing her as a friend:

She quits school and works at the carnival.


General Information

  • Nathan is bi.

First meeting: Middle School

  • You meet Nathan when he burns a piece of paper and leaves. Don’t read it. If you read it, you later have an option to admit it or lie about it and he is unhappy.
  • When someone tries to talk badly about Nathan, stand up for him.
  • When he drops his notebook, take it with you.
  • Feed ducks with him (why wouldn’t you?)
  • Ask about his parents
  • Grab his arm

Once he leaves the bathroom, don’t just let him go.

Ask about his notebook.

You get a scene where he’s talking to squirrels if he’s still your friend at this point. I hid and revealed myself. He forgave me but didn’t seem happy -> Maybe something else is better here.

Later, he is in the bathroom again.

  • Go in and join him. When prompted, focus on him, not the surroundings.
  • Hug him and go to the park with him (Enjoy an amazing piece of music).
  • Here you decide if you want a relationship with him. If you do:
  • Go somewhere musical, say you like raw music, take his hand and let him kiss you.
  • Guess that he got a job and agree to share.


Relationship ending:

He continues his work at the shelter and becomes a vet.

Loosing him as a friend ending: [TW: Very dark, death]

He does not make it.


General Information

  • Patty is into girls.

First meeting: High school

  • You meet her in the hallway. Don’t look at her book and hand it back to her. Maybe it’s better to comment? Not sure.
  • Don’t snitch when you catch her in the bathroom.
  • Make up an excuse and say you like Poetry.
  • Agree to go to there with her and thank her for trusting you.
  • Tell her she is special.
  • Tell her it sounds fun, don’t take a blund (maybe not a good option), gush, be positive and talk about music.
  • Admit that you like it and be enthusiastic (maybe not a good option).
  • Push her on and go with her (Pushing her on might be bad?).
  • Be nice.


Staying friends:

You stay friends with her and she becomes a roadie. She tries to find her birth family and falls out of contact with her old one -> This seems to be the neutral ending.

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