Gladiator Guild Manager – Knight Class Attributes Guide

A quick summary on what the different attributes do for a knight class and some key milestones and rough guidance.

Guide to Knight Class Attributes


From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT


The Knight is the the most basic melee unit in the game. When starting with default settings it is unlocked from the beginning.

It’s main utility is it’s strong Shield Block ability, making it your primary tank, holding the front line no matter what is thrown at him.

The Knights damage output is mediocre, especially due to the way the attributes align. It would be possible to stat a Knight for damage, but in all honesty, there are better classes out there for this.


Melee Attack

This skill is as spectacular as its name. Just hit the guy next to you with a sword.

  • Damage: 7 AGI + 2 STR
  • Execution Time: 0.6 – 0.002* AGI, caps at 0.4
  • Cooldown: 1.3 – 0.04 INT, caps at 0.9

Shield Block

Another very basic skill, but a true gem. They key to consider here is the fact that Shield Block blocks Melee, Ranged and AoE damage. For comparison: Dodge blocks Melee and Ranged, Weapon Block works only against Melee! Also its stat growth is extremely good.

  • Damage blocked (M/R/A): 20 + 7 STR + 1.5 AGI
  • Cooldown: 1 – 0.071 INT, caps at 0.15

Effects by Attribute


  • 2 Melee Attack damage
  • 7 Shield Block damage blocked (M/R/A)


  • 7 Melee Attack damage
  • -0.002 Melee Attack execution time (caps at 100 AGI, +50% improvement)
  • 1.5 Shield Block damage blocked (M/R/A)


  • -0.04 Melee Attack cooldown (caps at 10 INT, +44% improvement)
  • -0.071 Shield block cooldown (caps at 12 INT + 566% improvement)


With a Knight, you have to make the decision if you want him to deal damage or you want him to block. If you want him to deal damage, AGI is your key attribute, if you want him to tank, STR is what really matters.

But regardless, make sure to quickly hit 12 INT. Reducing the Shield Block cooldown from 1 sec to 0.15 sec effecitvely lets you block 7 times as many attacks, which is key when facing multiple enemies. And 12 INT is really not a big price to pay. If you put the points in or have an item bring him to the threshold is your choice. And even when you only care about offense, those INT points will dramatically increase your damage output by reducing the Knights Melee Attack cooldown by ~30%

What, to me, makes the Knight a tank is another consideration though. Not only has the Knight the rare ability to block all kinds of damage, but there is also the question of what else would be required to make the Knight a decent Melee fighter. Melee Attack at higher character levels has a comparably high Stamina cost, while Shield Block doesn’t require Stamina at all. You can also skip Movement Speed entirely, as you can tank from any range.

Also notice that AGI reduces the execution time of Melee Attack, but when facing melee fighters this won’t help you, since you are capped by your cooldown! This only matters in running fights, e.g. when chasing a kiting Archer


  • Get INT/STR equally until you have 12 INT.
  • Dump everything else into STR + Health.
  • Ignore AGI, Stamina, Movement Speed.
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