New World – How to Level Up Fast

This guide is devoted to the New World. New World XP farming is what you’ll spend most of your time doing on Aeturnum.

Fast Leveling Guide


Defeat Boars and Tuskgore at Boarsholm (coordinates: 13196, 5830) for Survivalist Wilson in the Restless Shores Settlement. Boarsholm is located in Restless Shores territory. Many wild boars spawn there.

Go there with a group and a good healer! You can farm XP and skin the wild boars. Your weapons get a level up too!. If you jump on the tent or on a box, the wild boars cannot harm you. Don’t forget to build a camp nearby!

You have to be careful not to attract too many opponents at once. The key to victory is cooperation with other players and providing support to each other – a lonely fight will quickly make you overwhelmed by the number of opponents.

Best Weapon & Skinning XP Farm – Boarsholm (Videoguide)

Location On Map – Boarsholm

Map coordinates: 13196, 5830

Best Weapon & Skinning XP Farm – Boarsholm

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