New World – Tracking & Skinning 0-200 (1-3 Hours)

Skinning Level 0-100

You can go on any Wolf Den in Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, or First Ligh.

These wolves are level 6 but you gonna lvl up fast.

Everfall example:

Skinning Level 100-200

You have to go north of Restless Shore.

These boars are level 44 and respawns almost instantaneously.

You can go even if you don’t have the level there are a lot of people there for farm weapon lvl…

Bonus Bears

You have to go south of Monarch’s Bluffs.

These bears are level 25 and respawns almost instantaneously if you are in group of 5-7 peoples more you are more theres spawn.

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