New World – Beginner’s Tips

Beginner’s Tips and Information

Before Beginning

When you start New World, you will be given a choice of what world you would like to play on. If you are playing with friends, make sure you are playing on the same world, or else you would be unable to play without making a new character on the same world.

Once you decide what world to play, you then begin making your character. Currently the customization options of the character itself is limited, but you can still wear different types of armor, color your clothes and armor, and also change the skin for some of the gear that you will use/wear.

Once you have a character, the true adventure begins. Keep in mind the character you create will not be able to be changed unless you want a new character. The best thing about starting off is there is no classes. Read the class section for additional information.

Start Playing

When you start playing, you will be given a small tutorial on the very basic controls of New World. You will start off in a random region, so you may have to travel at first to be with your friends. Even if you don’t have friends, New World still offers a lot of possibilities for solo players, or make friends if you wish.

The starting area will be around a watch tower. Complete the quests given in order to get your starter gear and supplies. This will also be a teaching point that will tell you how to get supplies and craft items.

I personally recommend finishing all beginning quests as it helps level you up at first. You could do whatever you wish and run off into the world, the choice is up to you.

Tips and Tricks

  • Follow the main quest its give ton of XP i mean it more than any side quest.
  • Follow your faction story line quest because that will allow you to get a good gear early on.
  • Do the town boards that saying bring X amount of healing or food or anything those are really easy XP.
  • Side quests are really not worth it unless you want just experience the world because they dont give much XP and they are so far away.
  • If you do go to do side quests try to have them near each other and make a plan to do them one after another. On average 7-8 quests if you walk can take around up to 2 hours.
  • Remember that dying is better than walking all way back. so set up a camp near 3-4 quests on one side of the map. then go and do quests that you want to do that are like. 700-800 meters away. Then reswapn or die and teleport back to camp. That will save you a lot of time. Only thing to remember that you would need to repair your gear which is very cheap and doesn’t take much from you.
  • Once you are level 25 do expedition. Try to join team after a team that have the key.
    since it takes forever to craft them. Good for leveling up your weapons & get some gear.
  • Once you level 25 do the portals and corruption they will give you xp and mastery and items.
  • Make sure you are in a guild since when war comes up you want to be there. Rewards are amazing. Make friends with popular guilds on server if you can.
  • Everything give XP so if you i would suggest try to craft and gather they give a lot of xp and will save you gold. For just level up jewelry so far i am level 30 rings dont drop much.
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