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Quests & Factions

There are a lot of different quests in New World. You will primarily find quests in the main settlements in the region. When you first go to a city, it make take a little bit of time for quests to start showing. You can find NPC’s with quests they give by looking for a orange pin on the map, or on your compass at the top of your screen when in a town.

The types of quests you find are:

  • NPC Quests – find NPC with orange pin highlighted
  • Settlement Quests – located at town board
  • Faction Quests – located at faction representative

The beginning quests at these settlements will not give a lot of XP at first. As you complete the quests, it will give higher XP and rewards. You can complete all quests in a region, which then give you quests to go to newer regions, so do not keep the mindset of only staying in one region if you like these quests.

You will also have different settlement quests at the town board where you can deliver supplies for the towns for different purposes. This may be for upgrading different workshops, upgrading parts of the town, reduce upkeep. The best town to be in is the towns your faction own.

The next type of quests you will find will be faction quests. There are three factions you can join when you are about level 9/10ish. You get to join a faction from completing the NPC quests at the towns. Faction quests are primarily your PVP quests. PVP is optional for all other quests, but faction based quests do require it.

When in as town if you accidentally clicked on one and it turned on PVP, click U to toggle your PVP status. The bottom right of your screen will show a sword and shield with swords crossed if it is turned on, not crossed if not turned on. You will auto fail faction quests if you turn PVP off before finishing.


  • Marauders
  • Syndicate
  • Covenant

There really is no true different between factions besides colors. There is green for Marauders, purple for Syndicate, and orange for Covenant. If you reach max faction rank, from one level to the next, you will have a side quest in your journal that you can complete to reach the next faction level.

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