Baldur’s Gate 3 – Honor Mode Legendary Attacks (Act II)

Act II Bosses

Gerringothe Thorm

Every time she loses an armour piece, she turns one of you to gold. You still talk talk to her death but requires higher roll.

Thisobald Thorm

Once per round, his brew changes to make it overflow, dealing 1d6 of the corresponding damage type. The overflow also grants his allies d6 damage bonus. You can still talk to his death but requires higher roll.

Malus Thorm

Once per round after being attacked, makes his assistants use Wail of Loss, dealing 4d6Damage TypesPsychic damage, possibly inflicting Confused, and pushing the targets back. You can still talk to his death but requires higher roll.


Once per round, Yurgir can cast Blinding Ambush that might blind and deal 5d10 radiant damage to a hunted creature when it attempts to attack or cast a spell. You can still talk to his death but requires higher roll, or you can simply kill the last justiciar.


When you hit him, he has resistance to acid, fire, thunder, and lightning damage; and is immune to Cold and Necrotic damage. You get Bone Chilled for 2 turns. He also cannot be frightened, paralysed, restrained, petrified, or made prone. He can also Fly while in this ghostly form. Easy kill is: take his brother’s bell, go to silent library and summon him. Make sure that he is dead in that fight. After that you can kill him in his room easily. He only gets 1/4 damage from physical attacks so i suggest you to fight him with 4 spell casters.

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