Baldur’s Gate 3 – Guide to Auntie Ethel’s Brews

Found a trove of mysterious concoctions after dealing with a certain green relative? Want to know what they do, without doing science yourself? This quick guide is for you!

List of Brews & Effects

Each brew has a different effect when drunk, mostly negative, but a few positive. Most of them last a few turns or until your next long rest. You cannot throw them to affect an area, so the negative ones are entirely useless (other than for messing with your friends or selling for 1 gold each). Most of the negative effects are listed as a curse, so they likely can be removed with any curse removal effect, though I’ve not tried it myself yet.

  • A Mother’s Loathing – Gain the “Bite” common action until your next long rest. Bite is a melee attack, usable once per turn as an action, which deals 2d4 Piercing damage.
  • Broken Promises – Gain +2 STR until your next long rest, then permanently gain -1 STR. (This is marked as a curse, so curse removal effects likely can remove it.)
  • Butterflies in the Stomach – Become Haemorrhaged, taking 1d6 Piercing damage per turn for 4 turns. The damage occurs when you end your turn.
  • Faltering Will – Take disadvantage to WIS saves until your next long rest.
  • Heart of Stone – Become resistant to poison damage until your next long rest. (The effect just says “until rest”, but a short rest does not remove the effect.)
  • Insanity’s Kiss – Go insane, becoming hostile to all nearby creatures, attacking indiscriminately for 4 turns.
  • Lost Time – Take -2 Armor Class & can’t take Reactions; lasts 50 turns.
  • Lover’s Avarice – Take -1 to WIS until your next long rest.
  • Missing Pets – Gain disadvantage on ability checks & attack rolls for 3 turns.
  • Wilted Dreams – The next time you long rest, take 3-18 Psychic damage. The damage occurs as you wake up.

Enjoy your newfound knowledge!

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