Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get Everburn Blade (Commander Zhalk)

Tips to Get Everburn Blade

Important! You don’t need to defeat Commander Zhalk.


Shadowgirl has spell called Command.

Commander Zhalk has (relatively) low Wis save.

Cast Drop Weapon on the commander, run up, pick the everburn blade up with your main hero, disengage and proceed to finish the fight. No need to actually kill the guy (and very hard to do to be honest).

But if you also wanted to kill the commander….

After having him drop his weapon and picking it up, throw the one haste potion you have on the mindflayer, as well as buff him with Bless.

Its a much more even fight, with the commander doing melee damage of 6 with his fists, and hasted mindlayer putting out double the dps.

You can continue throwing minor health potions at the mindflayer, and grease bottles at the commander, while your melee toons chip away from the back, that should buy you a few more turns and is just…about…..enough…..more…or less…..

Still requires a lot of savescumming to actually kill him. Needs a lot of luck in sequencing. First turn you need to reload if mindflayer fails to Stun the enemy. If the thing is stunned, and you dash up to him, then you have a chance, with the above strat.

I recommend just stealing the sword to be honest.

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