Baldur’s Gate 3 – Smite Paladin Tank Build

Character builds for the game.

Smite Paladin Tank Build

Goal is to get lots of smites while not missing out on stat increases.

Race: Wood Elf (Movement range is really good)

Starting Stats:

  • 17 STR
  • 8 DEX
  • 14 CON
  • 8 INT
  • 10 WIS
  • 16 CHA

Starting Class: Paladin

Initial Build Until Level 8:

  • Oath could be whatever you want, I picked Vengeance.
  • Level as a Paladin to level 8, pick defense at level 2 for an extra permanent 1 AC.
  • Increase STR by 2 at level 4.
  • On getting level 8, go to camp and respec.

Respecced Build:

  • Get 2 level of paladin 1st so you get all weapon and armor proficiencies and regain smites.
  • Pick defense style again.
  • Then pick 6 levels of Bard with college of Swords.
  • Pick protection style at bard level 3.
  • Get STR to 19.

*** The reason we waited until being level 8 to respec is not to lose the extra attack that paladins get at level 5, college of swords gets it at level 6 and we want to start as a level 1 paladin for the armor and weapon proficiencies. We also want level 2 paladin to keep smites.

  • Now get 2 more levels of Paladin to get the stats. Get 1 more STR to get it to 20 then 1 more CHA.

Then get your last 2 levels of Bard.

Last feat could be anything you want.

We end up with 4 Paladin 8 Bard as a walking tank with tons of spell slots to smite with, you can use flourish attacks to increase your AC by 4 as well or mobile flourish to throw people off cliffs.

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