Baldur’s Gate 3 – Honor Mode Legendary Attacks (Act I)

New Difficulty just been added and it brings new attack types to bosses called “Legendary Attacks”. It might be difficult to achieve this mode without knowing them and encounter the bosses off-guard. So here is the guide to show all of the Legendary Attacks.

Act I Bosses


She will create more illusions per round when you attack her. I dont know why but if you use melee attacks, she doesnt. So you can use your melee fighters to take her down.

Phase Spider Matriarch

It’s LA activates when you harm its little babies. It will spread a web weave onto you dealing 10d8 damage per turn. The way to easily kill it is, also the same way as you do Pest Control achievement. Crack the eggs without being noticed before the fight.


The Owlbear will spawn another owlbear with an identical stat block. Take the 2 absolutists to make this fight easier for you. Also remember to keep your team seperate to not die to a single pounce attack.

Inquisitor W’wargaz

Every time any gith is attacked, he summons a weapon that has 30HP and does 3d8 psychic damage.


Will cast a lightning bolt to first companion shot it after its turn. Bolt can hit extra 3 companions if they are close to. Robots can be shut down by Sussur Flower.


Per round, after you hit him he set himself in a mode that is immune to pysical damage. After that you can still hit with spells but whoever hits him gets 2d8 thunder damage that is area of effect.


Using the hammer causes spawning mephits. He gets 10Hp shield temporarily every turn and breaking it causes 4d8 damage to the ones who are close to it. Also doubles his movement speed.

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