Baldur’s Gate 3 – Under Lock And Key Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Unlock Under Lock And Key Achievement / Trophy

Rescue all the prisoners from the depths of Moonrise Towers in one playthrough.

As far as I understand, to get this you need to have both gnomes and tieflings imprisoned, and then save everyone.

If that is correct, you need to side with the grove at the act 1 and your tieflings should be alive to be imprisoned later.

The gnomes will be there anyway.

Second, the prisoners must have somewhere to go, so don’t kill nightsong and have last light inn operating as usual.

My main recommendation here is kill the guards before the prison break.

Trying to save the prisoners while guards are alive is painful, because the prisoners are buggy, they can’t fight normally, they die all the time and get stuck all the time.

Also, killing is good.

Now, this location main difficulty with enemies is that the flying eyes will summon help from upstairs. if you are not ready for that this may overwhelm you, however they are not actually that bad.

First, you can kill the enemies in separate batches. for example, two priests in the torture chamber can be killed there without anyone else noticing.

Second, if you got caught and the eyes called someone, they will go from the main way to the prison – you can keep your distance and make them waste their turns to running towards you through strategically placed cloudkill for example.

The prison is basically a long corridor, so use it, let them separate and walk a long walk. the prison tower is a nice spot for that strat – let them come one by one to the top and meet their fate.

Third, the eyes themselves are annoying. they have a lot of resistance to anything, but you have a chance to oneshot them with your first attack on them if you are lucky to get a crit and overdamage their damage decrease.

Usually though they survive and then most of your attacks will deal 0 damage to them

I thought maybe they got some sort of protection buff after the first hit, but found nothing like that. if I just continued to hit them, eventually some attack will go through, I assume you just need to roll a lot to hit them successfully.

Also, prison is a wonderful location with a chasm. the best way to easily remove the eyes is to push them to the chasm – that’s instakill for them, no need to hit them and roll the dice until your retirement, so if there is an opportunity to push them down – do it.

After every possible enemy is dead you can safely go for wulbren’s tools, give it to him and watch how he will escape both gnomes and tieflings.

They will reach the hidden boat together. come with them to the last light inn and the achievement will be yours

This is how I unlocked it:

Some bugs I experienced here:

  • If you killed the guards and decided that you can just open the doors to release everyone – don’t do it. they will stuck in the prison without an option to talk to them. I got this on my first playthrough though, this may be fixed already, but I did not tested it myself.

To avoid this, first give wulbren his tools, wait till he makes a tunnel, after that go open the cages and follow to the tunnel.

  • Sometimes wulbren will stuck in front of tiefling’s camera wall. he is supposed to break it, instead he will just be there and doing nothing, also without an option to talk to him.

If that happened to you, break the wall yourself using a bluntweapon. blood of lathander would do for example.

I got this bug, broke the wall, and this fixed everything – the gnomes unstuck and ran to the boat finally, and they and tieflings successfully departed to the inn.

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