Baldur’s Gate 3 – No Free Lunches Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Unlock No Free Lunches Achievement / Trophy

Defeat the apostle of myrkul before it consumes any necromites.

The easiest way imo:

  • Save nightsong, let her help you, and let kethrick fight you without isobel’s help to him, that means that the last light inn should not be destroyed and isobel should not be kidnapped
  • Convince kethrick that there is still hope for him

On the top floor of moonrise tower find kethrick’s diary, letter from his wife, read these.

When you’ll fight him first time on the roof, pick dialog options all about how he still can redeem himself, and what would your wife think of you now, and it’s never too late even for you kethrick – all these. he will fight you anyway, but when you finally get to him on the nautilod underground, you can continue convincing, and if you succeed, he will end his human form by jumping to the green hole, and you can start that fight with the final boss stage. otherwise you’ll need to fight kethrick’s human form first!

If you skipped to the final bossfight, you’ll face him fresh and ready, and it is going to be easier for you to kill the apostle before he consumes anybody.

Now what does it means exactly, after a few rounds of fighting you as it usually goes, the skeletons he is summoning each round will stop focusing on you and start going to him so he could eat them and heal a bit.

Your task naturally is to kill him asap and prevent him from eating anybody

Notes on that fight:

  • Free the nightsong so she could help you, but keep in mind that the annoying illithid near her can stun you and nightsong both. get rid of him quickly, if he lives he will mess up everything, because of his control ability.
  • If you are close to the apostle, he puts a bonechilled debuff on you, this spell makes you unable to be healed (or drink a health potion). however his arena has several spots where you can leave the area of his debuff, so go to these spots after you done with hitting him and heal there.
  • If apostle lived long enough to start demanding free lunches, keep an eye on the skeletons who will start running towards him, and prevent them from going up to apostle’s arena, that’s where he can eat them.

My fight and unlocking this achievement here:

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