Ratopia – Beginners Guide (Useful Tips and Tricks)

Crazy about lack of food, no water for farming? A overall introduction to Ratopia game tip & tricks, you can creating wonders at the beginning, using the “Babel tree” to save water, ensuring that you become a legendary king who saves the rat people from hunger and death…


Ratopia is a game that looks cute and casual, but is actually very hardcore. After playing for about 40 hours, I finally figured out some of the tips & tricks of this game. I can say, this is a skill-driven game. It is difficult to have a good game experience without mastering the tips.

It’s will lost lots of fun if tell how to walkthrough step by step, so this guide is more like a collection of tips to help you understand all aspects of the Ratopia game and solve various confusing problems.

Key Concept

Be an environmentalist

Unlike most simulation construction games, the large-scale industrial food production in Ratopia is extremely inefficient. The original wild resources always better than your best farm and gardens in terms of output and consumption. No sunlight , no needs seasons and nutrients, and it grows endlessly & fast. It’s your problem can’t harvest fast enought, not the wilds don’t grow fast.

Therefore, it is very important to retain as much original wild resources as possible during construction and adhere to the concept of sustainable development.

Rabbit is a treasure

Rabbits may be one of the most useful wild resources in this game. They refresh quickly, produce high yields, and are very profitable. Rabbits can be used to make meat, skin, and bones, which are very useful things. One rabbit can produce 8 meat. In the early game, a few The rabbit hutch is your food security.

Water is the source of all things

Water is an extremely important resource in this game. All agricultural technologies require water as a raw material for production;

And the most important point is that the water resources on the map are limited! Rainwater will disappear quickly if it is not preserved, and groundwater will not regenerate after it is extracted. This is a resource deliberately designed by developers and needs to be carefully managed.

Take wheat production as an example. It takes 8 water to produce 30 wheat, which is very inefficient. A more efficient production method requires more precious resources such as bone meal, limestone. How to collect and save a large amount of water is the first challenge you met in playing this game.

Water Farming Rabbit

We will introduce a simple skill of diverting water to hunt rabbits to show how to save water.

As shown above, we built three grass roofs on the left and right sides of the rabbit hutch. When it rains, the grass roofs will flood, and the floods will flow down the ladders on the left and right sides and finally flooding the rabbit hole;

The rabbit will continue to lose HP in the nest. After it dies and turns into a rabbit, the rabbit hole will refresh new rabbits. now, an efficient, safe and has no side effects automatic rabbit farming machine is completed!

Using this skill properly you can even build a corrugated grass roof out of thin air to collect rainwater.

But there are three problems with this:

  • Construction is very troublesome and requires ladder assistance.
  • Requires a lot of grass resources
  • The collection range of the water storage tank is limited. if water is stored too far away, it cannot be collected.

So is there any way to automatically collect a large amount of rainwater and there is a lot of grass around for collection? Hey, next we will introduce our great Babel Tree Wonder Project.

Babel Tree Wonder Project

There must be a tall tree on the left or right side where your born. Let’s call it the Babel Tree. The Babel Tree is full of treasures. The trunk can be used to make wood, and the leaves can be used to obtain grass. And the most important thing is that the Babel Tree is very large and tall. as to our previous idea of collecting rainwater, it’s a pefect huge water storage tower to solve the water resource problem that the rat people depend on for their survival.

You only need to spend 1 research point to get the grass roof technology at the beginning. After building some basic survival buildings, you can directly run under the Babel tree, hollow out the middle of the trunk and climb up, and then dig out water channels along the branches on both sides. It extends toward the sky. The middle crown part is trimmed into a diamond shape, and the precious water will flow down the trunk and be reserved in the sink.and then wait until you get the bronze ore to develop agricultural technology. there will be tons of water ready to use.

The beauty of this plan is that all the materials are ready-made. Leaves are everywhere on the top of the tree. You can also use the weaving mill to make clothes and ropes need for an lift. The branches are the best water pipe, and the trunk is A natural sink, all you need to do is keep digging.

You don’t even have to let the rat climb up to get the materials. There is a small branch on each side of the Babel tree. Just dig it off and it will fall at the foot of your warehouse. You can easily get a large amount of wood and grass at the beginning.

All of the above, this is our great Babel Tree Wonder plan! The completed effect is as shown below:


  1. The crown of the tree must be built into a 45-degree rhombus shape, so that water will hardly stay on the leaves. Water in other shapes is easy to stuck, and the stuck water will disappear when the sun comes out. The water pipe no need to do this for there are cover beyond it.
  2. The grass roof can divert water, but it cannot be used as the meterial of pipes or sink. The bottom of the sink must be a wooden wall or an earth wall. It is recommended to use a wooden wall. soil is a limited non-renewable resource; look carefully at the details of the grass roof. It has been written that the effect is to absorb water, so use grass roof under the life as a flood outlet it’s great. besides, there is no problem to use nature leaves and bark as pipes and sink bottoms, they will not absorb water.

Digging Skills

A rat can not master digging is not a good rat. Especially the Babel Tree Wonder is a very large project. When the early stage is very poor, even building a tree ladder directly to the top of the tree is very troublesome.

Here are some of digging holes The skills can help you quickly explore the map to find resources in the early stage.

City Blueprint

The city blueprint is as follows. Each large block has 12 grids and the lift has 3 grids. Black represents the horizon, red floor represents 4 grids high block, and yellow floor represents 3 grids high block.

Sample Description

  • Gray font: A building that can basically be built without thinking, with technology priority.
  • Red font: Some specific resources need to be mined, such as ores, etc.
  • Red bold font: Most of them are high-end buildings, which rely heavily on some non-renewable resources with extremely low or limited yields. Even if they are basically built, it is difficult to guarantee full capacity operation for a long time.
  • Golden building: a building that must be built at the beginning, help you understand the division and positioning of blocks

Design Ideas

This blueprint has several core designs:

  • Count all buildings that frequently interact with players as royal buildings and place them near the main elevator, which can reduce the amount of operations for players. your leader is very busy. Not only does she have to mine to find resources, but also have to catch the criminals and save the dying rats.
  • Reduce the number of warehouses and concentrate resources. Temporary warehouses are a good thing, but if you build too many, it will be very annoying to find warehouses for foreign trade. Similarly, put the same type of buildings together as much as possible not for improve efficient. but for player to easy find them. excess resources/foreign trade orders/lack of personnel due to riots require you to check each production area. It is a pity that this game cannot manage production buildings in the overview. The mailbox is useless…
  • Buildings such as codes, maintenance centers, and hospitals are under centralized protection. These two buildings are very important and must be protected. Once they are invaded and demolished without paying attention, it may cause a chain of catastrophic reactions.

Building Skills

Building settings

  • All buildings have a setting function that can set the scope of influence. The initial value is 19, which is relatively small. Some entertainment buildings recommend setting it directly to 40 to increase the utilization of building resources.
  • Many high-end entertainment buildings have class restrictions, such as bathhouse, stages. Be careful to make laws to close them so that all people can use them.
  • Overproduction is a very common situation after industrial capacity increases. Too much inventory of many resources that cannot be traded abroad is simply a pile of garbage and creates fakeGDP prosperity, so remember to set a manufacturing limit.

Ranking of the most useful buildings

  • tailer’s shop, how to meet the initial demand for daily necessities? A tailer’s shop can turn leaves into clothes to meet the needs of the whole people, and the production is still high
  • bakery, bread is one of the best foods. It is much more useful than wheat and can reduce food damage. It should be noted that bread can only be eaten by the middle class and above. Remember to make law to shut it down.
  • Bathhouses are the best sanitary facilities. There is no consumption, no need for rats, and you can increase your stamina recovery. This flea removal center is totally ♥, things that only noble can use it totally wrong. Let’s turn it and hair shop into universal welfare.
  • Pub, beer not only increases happiness, but can also be eaten with reduce the loss of happiness. It can even trigger the event 20 Beer event and the whole nation has a carnival. make laws to make sure beer can drink by everyone!

Ranking of useless buildings

  • The real name of the cemetery should be the morgue, It requires a rat to work. but the rat cannot collect corpses. It can only store corpses. how about builds tons of crematorium. just burned the corpse down and rebuilt.
  • Fish pot, eating fish is a very luxurious thing. First of all, the fish resources in the wild are difficult to find. Secondly, the fish pot production it’s so slow. If you really wanna to solve the problem of eating fish, I suggest you go directly to the trade center and ask the fish village to import it.
  • Mailbox, to be honest, I don’t understand what this thing is used for…
  • Only one temple can be activated at the same time, so the Rat Temple and the Dog Temple are very useless. It is useless to let your leader collect taxes and discover enemies. The only useful thing is the passive of the Bull Temple, which adds 10% work. Efficient, but pointing out the Bull Temple cost lots of research points.

Recruitment and Rat Attributes

  • The best profession for your leader is explorer. It is very useful to have +1 carrying weight and 10% movement speed. Running fast is the best way to solve rat problems. In terms of productivity, your leader can completely defeat 5 best rats .
  • When there is lack of people in the early stage, recruiting 2 people it’s best, but most of times, your should always recruit rat with good attributes. The population explosion in this game can easily lead to dissatisfied riots due to insufficient jobs or insufficient resources. According to our city blueprint above If fully constructed, it can keep a maximum population of 70 people.
  • If there are really no good people to recruit, you can directly cancel the dismissal and recruit a new batch.
  • The most important attribute is naturally strength. Strength can increase the damage of attacks and the number of things carried. Speed is the second most useful because you can run fast, and intelligence is the worst because the demand is too low, and there are also cheap +3 Intelligence buff like schools.
  • Each rat citizen has 2 attributes. The best first attribute is definitely +20% work efficiency. The second is +30 HP, which is more suitable for warriors. The last one is various buffs that reduce joyand food; the worst one is It must be -20% work efficiency. Unemployed rats are very dissatisfied and prone to riots.
  • The second attribute that is better is +3 happiness, or purely positive attributes such as +5 happiness in combat. If the happiness is lower than 20, attributes that will lead to death should not be used. This is mainly because burying people cannot be automated and can only run over. It’s very annoying, and the effect of the corpse is too bad.


The military in ratopia is actually very simple. All the wilds on the map are not aggressive. In the early stage, your leader is a perfect warrior, if she sleeps twice, she can easy solo brush a tombstone.

In the later stage, even the Weasels on hardcore difficulty cannot withstand the siege of 5 armed rats . you can just ignore the invasion. Even if you can raise unlimited soldiers, raising soldiers is also very good. If you are not engaged in production, you will not be dissatisfied easily. In riots, it is basically The chaos can be quelled in seconds. As long as there are enough doctors, I won’t be afraid of rebellion no matter what.

The strongest defensive building is the thorn fence. The disadvantage is that it requires the scarce resource of thorn trees.

Even if you demolish all the tombstones and weasel dens in the whole map, you will still be able to clear the ones that should be cleared, and if the monster cannot find the entrance to your castle, it will be directly teleported to a place you don’t know what, so I suggest you don’t bother with it. Just put some fence traps in places where monsters often come, and in the later stage, just use warrior defense.

Royal Blacksmith needs to play an music game, which is extremely annoying, you will lost all the materials if you failure, so don’t do it. In fact, in the later stage, your leader no need to join the combat. The sword warrior’s attacks are all all cleave and clearing monsters quickly, and the hammer The warrior’s +12 attack is much stronger than your leader.


Tax is a very annoying thing, and there is a lot of improvement for developer. It is difficult to make everyone happy with taxes.

So we make it simple, The first is the citizen tax. Everyone has to pay 15% of their property every day. The second is the welfare policy. Once the citizen’s property is less than 200, 500 gold will be issued immediately. After upgrading to a village, you can add a fixed fee for using a bathroom, just 50 gold per use.

500 gold is a necessary condition for reaching the middle class. This method can basically ensure that all citizens can develop into the middle class normally without any changes in the early and mid-term.

In the later period, the noble needs 3000 golds, and it is enough to directly adjust taxes and increase welfare policy. we use only three policies beat the end game, so those attributes that rat will unhappy about adjusting the law can be ignored.

The core idea of the early and mid-term development is still the total value of the all city, and wealth distribution in citizens is not the most important part. As long as our the rat people not die, the money will not disappear. And a rat is really difficult to die.


Trading is the most important way to make money. late game depends entirely on foreign trade. It is impossible to make hundreds of thousands of gold coins just relying on the limited resources on the map.

If you want trade, you should explore the map in diplomatic center, which it’s extremely slow, so just build it asap.

There are three important villages in foreign trade, Rabbit Village, Fishing Village and Spider Village. The things required by Rabbit Village are very basic and easy to make money. It is important for Fishing Village to import fish. It is too troublesome to catch fish by yourself. Spider Village can buy large quantities. especially the precious spider webs, there is only one spider in the whole map. farming web is so slow. how about import 100 spider webs in one click? also in the later game, some precious and scarce resources in the underground, such as snails and scorpions, will be very troublesome to fight. The snail will always only lose 1 point of blood in exchange for 1 point of blood for you. The poison of the scorpion is very painful. just use the deweb and let them taste the power of water 😀

The most profitable thing in foreign trade is to make solid wood furniture. 3 units earn 400 gold only require 4 wooden boards + 1 copper ore, which is a huge profit. Copper ore can also be imported, furniture is required by Rabbit Village and Fishing Village, our two most important partners. don’t doubt and just do it!

I haven’t seen any effect on the favor score for the time being. The bank building is used for one-time exchange of foreign exchange for gifts. Making money by speculating in foreign exchange is too slow and not recommended, and it affects city cash flow.

Operation Process

At last, we talk about the operation process because I don’t want to ruin everyone’s fun of exploring this game, it’s just for reference.

Opening Game

  • directly dig 4 soil, 3 stones and 3 wood to build the city gate. After recruiting 2 people, dig directly through the babel tree on the right and take a pair of carpenters to make wooden boards and branches. Then use technology to create temporary boxes, grass roofs, theaters, hunting grounds, and bunk bed;
  • Then collect soil and grass, put down the lab, research desk, theater, and bathroom, and build bunk beds to get the basic living facilities.
  • Then go out and find the rabbit nest, collect a few rabbits and rabbits,built the gathering camp, hunt and butchery to ensure that wheat and meat are supplied, so basic life can be guaranteed. Note that beds should be allocated to hunters first. The best hunter is +30 blood battle +5 happiness.
  • Next, the focus will be on industry, and all the initial industrial processing plants will be used to create materials.
  • Then go directly to dig the Babel Tree to create our wonder 😀
  • After finishing it, come back. At this time, it has almost reached the village stage, and there is not much money left. Pick out the code stone, and build the tax bureau, prison.
  • Quickly find out the bronze ore, dig a few pieces and melt the copper ingots out of the life shaft technology
  • building a diplomatic center, quickly explore the map.
  • After doing all the above, you should have a lot of wood, leaves, and water on hand, which can guarantee basic life and supplies, and then point out all the buildings that can be built without thinking. The last thing is to dig through the center of the earth to build the lift for resources, starting the stage of large-scale industrial production.

The focus of the early game should be food. Only enough food can you ensure that you will not starve to death.

In the mid-term, the focus is on industrial production and reducing operations. increase city GDP and trade more is best, always get money from rats is worse.

The focus in the later stage is to harvest precious resources and make everyone noble. The good thing about this game is that you can buy anything you want through foreign trade, as long as you have money. just think how much money you need if you want 100 nobles.

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